Sunday, December 7, 2014

Where have we been?

Hi All,

We are still cruising full time and enjoying it to the fullest, but I haven`t posted on my blog for over a year and wanted to tell you why.
Most everyone that have been following our blog are also friends on Facebook and many more are only friends on Facebook, so I decided to post our travels on Facebook only.
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Playing our way South

We are playing our way South with lots of fun stops, meeting new and old friends, exploring new areas, and just enjoying our cruise South. The last two days we have been anchored off the beautiful Waccamaw River, South Carolina, one of our favorite areas on the ICW, on Thoroughfare Creek. Fall has arrived here, it's sweatshirt weather, and we need to keep moving South before the butter gets too hard to spread.

September Song (playing our way South) out

When two or more cruisers are gathered...It's time for docktails. We saw these four boats traveling together in Manteo, but never met them. They all showed up late today here in Ocracoke and we had a chance to meet them. Fun group and a fun docktail party. You just never know. One of the things we love about cruising.
We hopped in the family car today and I took my three beautiful ladies five up the Waccamaw to Wacca Wachee Marina for a late lunch. We will be heading there Monday on the mother ship for a couple of days. Good friends Bil Krauss and Elizabeth Krauss are going to pick us up there on Tuesday and we are going to the Dead Dog Saloon where Bil will be playing that night. It will be great to see them again and see Bil play. — with Stephanie Wakelin.
We made overnight stops in South Port, NC and Myrtle Beach, SC after leaving Wilmington, NC and had planned on a couple of days in Myrtle Beach, but the Waccamaw River was calling us. We cruised through the pristine beauty of the Waccamaw today to one of our favorite anchorages on Thoroughfare Creek. We will spend the next few days exploring the creeks, playing on the beach off our stern with the girls, and just enjoying a fun time in the middle of the Waccamaw wilderness where fall has arrived. Can't wait to see the stars tonight! It isn't always about the bars, restaurants, shops, and fun towns, although that's part of playtime too. Besides, we have a fabulous chef, Stephanie, and plenty of Captain and Coke on board.
We have had a great time here in Wilmington, NC this last four days, but it's time to move on. While here we fell in love with the city and the people and Stephanie got to see her nephew, Taylor, who lives and goes to college here. We haven't seen Taylor for, well, the last time we saw Taylor, he was a little kid climbing out a window and now he's grown and 22. We have always kept the pointy end South when passing through this area, but this time we decided to make a starboard turn and go up the Cape Fear river to Wilmington and we are so glad we did. It's a great walking city with fun bars, restaurants, and lots to see and do. Speaking of fun, we normally try to go to different restaurants and usually only once, but we found the Dock Street Oyster Bar. We had to go back again tonight for another pain killer(s), oysters, and say goodbye to the fun people who work there. Oh, did I mention, we had to stop for some great home made ice cream on the way back to the boat. We will be back! See you in South Port. — with Stephanie Wakelin and Taylor Bucklin.
The waterfront and streets of Wilmington, NC. We are really enjoying this city!
We started out tonight at the Bourbon Street Bar. Met a nice pilot there at the bar and it was just so so. We headed to the Dock Street Oyster Bar and thought we would try it. It's been voted the best oyster bar for the last ten years. Well, I can see why! We had oysters rockefeller and oysters royal, or something like that. WOW! We ordered our usual drinks and saw, after we ordered, they had pain killers. "Wish we had ordered one of those." Stephanie's shoulder was a little sore.  Before we knew it, there was one sent to us by owner, Steve. Better than the ones at Pusser's in Annapolis, and those are really good. Next, without ordering it, crab dip showed up. Then there was a sample of shrimp and grits. Did I mention, the Bartender was one of the best we have had. What a fun girl and so cute. Before the night was over, we were friends with the owner, Steve, and bartender, Tara. Our boat card was put up behind the bar in a place of prominence, and we had way too many pain killers and a ton of fun with both of them. We are trying to try them all, 'so many and so little time", but when you find a great one like this, it's hard to leave. (or get off your bar stool) We found our way back to the boat ("now where did we dock September Song?") We will be back to Dock Street Oyster Bar before we leave Wilmington! What a fun night! Speaking of night, say goodnight Bob. Good night Bob!— with Stephanie Wakelin.
When ever we are in a town on Saturdays, we search out the Farmers Markets. Wilmington has a great one! What did we get you say. Apples, tomatos, squash, rabbit, lamb chops, sausage, cheese, dog treats, (can't forget the puppies) scallops, bread, lots of free samples, and way too many pastries. Did I leave anything out?
So many great bars in Wilmington and so little time, but we'll try!

We just arrived in Wilmington, NC where we will be docked for the next few days at the City docks right in the middle of everything with a waterfront boardwalk that runs the entire length of the city. We were met by the dock master and given a verbal tour of Wilmington. If everything is as he says it is, we should have a lot of fun here. Tons of bars, restaurants, Farmers Market, shops, and he says lots of music and a great night life. Sounds like our kind of playground!
Another beautiful start to a perfect day. We looked to the East and saw the sun rise, then to the west and watched the full moon set. Fishermen clamming, Move over for the big guys, dolphins playing around our bow, a way to call attention to a home for sale, three calling birds, two french hens, and a parrot in a palm tree. Great day on the water. We are anchored in Wrightsville Beach and headed to Wilmington, NC in the morning for a few play days.