Friday, June 6, 2008

One last look out The pilot house window

One last look out the pilot house window before we head south tomorrow at first light by car to Georgia for a week. Parting is such sorrow, :-( but we will return soon. :-)

September Song out
Bob (on the hard for a week)
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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Welcome to the Chesapeake

Well, we are finally here, although the James River is in the Chesapeake and is a beautiful river, it is nothing like the Chesapeake bay. We traveled 3 hours from Williamsburg back down the James river to Portsmouth and then turned north into a gorgeous calm day on the Chesapeake Bay with it's broad expanses of water, Watermen fishing, creeks, rivers and quiet coves to explore,quiet little villages, big cities, etc. etc. etc. They say it takes years to explore the Chesapeake and then you still don't see it all. The Marina where September Song will spend the next week while we are back home is on a charming little creek called Sarah Creek. Be sure to click on the picture to see it in full screen. This is our view out the pilot house as I type this blog. I can't wait to get back and start exploring.
That's it for now until we return in a week and start exploring the Chesapeake together. Next stop, up the Potomac and Washington DC.

September Song out (only for a week)
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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Welcome to Historic Colonial Williamsburg

We spent the day in historic Colonial Williamsburg. You could spend a week here and still never see it all.
Williamsburg was established as the second capital of Virginia (Jamestown was the first) in 1699. The first continental congress met here in 1773 in support of the Boston rebellion, also known as the Boston Tea Party.
The city is the site of many historic events, but aside from that the buildings and the architecture were outstanding. As you walk up and down the streets you can't help but feel the pride they took in their town and in their new country. They made a few mistakes along the way but, this was the beginning of our great country and our government as we know it today.
Tomorrow we cast off the lines and head for Yorktown, the site of the final battle of the revolution and where we will leave the boat for a week and return to Georgia to take care of business. Then we will return to explore the Chesapeake including Washington DC for a week with the grandchildren.
Time to go rest our feet from walking all day (puppies are tired)
September Song out

The actual reserved pew Thomas Jefferson sat in in church

The actual pew General George Washington sat in, in church
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Blacksmith's shop

The church George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and many other historic figures attended
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500 original buildings from the 1700's including out buildings and out houses

Auctioning off period items made by current tradesmen and artisans

The streets just as they were back then

The Governor and chief magistrates chair in the court house
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The streets of Williamsburg, VA

The Governors Palace

Guns and swards lined the hall walls
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Portsmouth, va security

Helicopters checking us out
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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Welcome to Portsmouth VA

Entering Portsmouth

Moving for the big guys again

View of the city

Lots of bridges
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Dry docks

Aircraft carriers

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The US Navy reserve fleet

More reserve fleet

And more

The four blobs on my radar are groups of US Ships (10 to 12 tied together)

The trip through Portsmouth, VA was a trip we will not soon forget. Mile after mile of US ships, freighters, ship building, new aircraft carriers, Security boats with very large guns, helicopters, jets, tons of commercial traffic, and did I mention SECURITY. I think the pictures speak for themselves.
I am blogging this from Kingsmill Resort docks, not FREE but reasonable, on the James River. Tomorrow we are going to take the shuttle to Williamsburg. Steph says it is a really cool place to explore.

September Song out
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FREE docks at Chesapeake, Va

Virginia state line at marker 63

View from the FREE dock of the lock we will be going through Tues. 8:00 AM

Some of the locals came to greet us

I'm from Canada, where are you from

The FREE docks at Chesapeake, VA were great. They sit next to a beautiful park, and did I mention they are FREE. Had a great trip Monday with good weather and scenic views. After we tied off, Stephanie, Diane, Steve and I walked to a great grocery store called Farm Fresh. It amazes me how excited you get when you find a great grocery store while traveling by boat. This place was like Fresh Market in Savannah only on steroids.
Diane had told us about this great Mexican restaurant across the bridge that was the best she ever had. She was right, it was absolutely wonderful. Three amigo's is tops on our list.

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Anchorage sunset

I told you it was going to be beautiful
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