Thursday, February 4, 2010

At anchor in Pelican Bay

Well, Joe and I found our way back to the boats after a boys' night out in Joe's family car (tender)with little light (or should I say a little light) and pitch black. What a hoot we had at the funky local bars on Pine Island, especially the Ragged Ass Saloon.
September Song cast off the lines at Pine Island and headed for our anchorage in Pelican Bay and met up with Stormy on the way. As soon as we arrived at the Anchorage, Cassie, Godiva, and Calloway begged us to take them to the Dog gone good beach we passed as we came in. "OK kids, lets go to the beach". The dogs had a blast, running, swimming, chasing the ball and Cassie as usual hunting fish while we all sipped on rum punch. What a beautiful sunny day in South West Florida. Stormy decided to go to the Cabbage Key Marina because they are having inverter problems. I need to cut this short because we are taking Half Note over to where they are docked to pig out on Sea food provided by their guests Danny and Lisa. See you tomorrow if we can find our way back tonight. (note to me. Don't forget the spotlight)

September Song (got the light) out

Stormy falling in behind as we pass Tween Waters Marina where they picked up their guests Danny and Lisa.

Osprey eating lunch on marker 45

Dave, Penny, Danny, Lisa and Calloway into the rum punch (not Calloway) as we head for the dog gone good beach

Calloway "living big" as Dave would say
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Fun on the North beach at Cayo Costa

View of the beach across from our beach

Cassie and Calloway have fun in the water chasing each other around

Life's a beach! Just ask Godiva and Calloway. This is a dog gone good beach Dad
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The view from Joe's tender as we head into the sunset looking for a funky watering hole. Do you have a spot light Joe? No spotlight, just a small flashlight. Oh well.

Well, we found it. The Ragged Ass Saloon. It doesn't get any funkier than this one. Full of locals on Pine Island and some great redneck music.

Boys night out. We met these guys in another bar and they told us about the Ragged Ass. One guy was bumming because he had to go back North the next day.

The guy in the middle reminds me of my dad. He has the same problem with his back that my dad had. Also, like my dad, all the ladies had to come over and give him a big kiss. A real chick magnet.
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It was home to us a long time ago

They say you can never go home. Who is they? Well, maybe for a nostalgic visit. Fort Myers is a special place to me because this is where I was lucky enough to have met the love of my life, Stephanie. I remember the first time I saw her sitting on that couch (I can still see her sitting there) and I knew I was in trouble. It's funny how you immediately get that feeling you have just met someone who you know has been out there all this time and your paths just needed to cross. I knew she was going to be someone special in my life, I just didn't know how special. She is my best friend, lover, partner, and the Admiral of our ship, and I am the luckiest guy in this whole world.
OK, now comes the true test of our relationship. Good News, we quit smoking three weeks ago today. I didn't want to tell you all until we gave it some time. We are both on the patch and still struggling, but I think we are going to make it. We haven't killed each other yet (maybe a little testy at times) and we go to step 2 in a couple of weeks.
This last few days have been a blast (and a blast from the past) seeing all the old places, painting the town red, get-togethers on September Song, Sea Pearl, and Stormy, and oops, I forgot my camera some of the time, and other times we were having so much fun I would forget to take pictures. I need Tammy around to remind me to take pictures. Sure miss those guys, but hopefully we will see them in a few weeks when we head South. We are in the area now where pictures are going to be great. Pine Island, Cabbage Key, Cayo Costa, etc. so hang in there and I promise I will try real hard.
Today we left Fort Myers and traveled about 17 miles to Pine Island in the rain to Joe's cousins' dock. Stormy went a little further to 'Tween Waters on Captiva Island where they will pick up friends and then meet us in Pelican Bay anchorage Thursday. As I sit here blogging it is coming down in buckets. The weather is supposed to turn nice starting tomorrow. We will spend a couple of days here and then on to Pelican Bay anchorage where September Song and Sea Pearl will meet up with Stormy and their guests. Pelican Bay anchorage is just off Cayo
Costa and a short hop to Cabbage Key in Half Note. I will take you there for one of those made-famous-by-Jimmy Buffet, "Cheeseburgers in Paradise." I promise I will take the Camera!

September Song (smoke free) out

The Fort Myers Yacht Basin, our home for a few days. Home is wherever September Song is parked

This crazy looking little (about 70 pounds) lady is single handing an old, and I mean old, almost ready to sink Sea Ray. She headed out Saturday morning to cross the lake and then on to the East Coast. I wish her luck! She has got guts. (or just nuts)

Joe, Stephanie, Me, Di, Steve, and Joe's friend Bruce from New York, who helped Joe cross the lake and get through the locks, at happy hour at the Morgan House, a favorite spot of ours.
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Dave, Penny, Stephanie, Me, and Joe behind the camera getting ready to dive into one of the biggest and best pizzas I have ever had.

Dave and Penny caught up with us on Stormy

Calloway, their black lab and Cassie and Godiva's boy friend, looking off the stern of Stormy for Cassie and Godiva.

Stormy following us out of the Fort Myers Yacht Basin. A 57 foot thing of beauty
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