Friday, October 23, 2009

Charleston to Home

The weather was perfect Sunday, so we took the girls to the park for some play time, then wandered the streets of Charleston exploring. Charleston is such a great place to explore and we took full advantage of our three days there.
Monday morning we put the pointy end South and took advantage of the beautiful calm weather to anchor out as we headed South for a few days. We arrived at our dock in Midway (seems so weird) and didn't feel any urge to spend the night in the house. We decided to stay on the boat rather than open the house up for the two weeks we are here, going to the dentist, the eye doctor, getting our hair cut before we had to get dog tags, taking care of some maintenance thing, re-provisioning, cleaning, etc,etc,etc. When we let the girls off the boat they did their business and then returned to the boat rather than go to the house. I guess September Song is home to all of us now, and this is just a stop along the way. Some day we will be landlubbers again when the two of us can't cruise anymore, but we hope that it's a long loooong time away. This is our life now and we will enjoy evey minute of it until that day comes.
I won't be blogging as much while we are here for two weeks, but we will stay in touch, so stay tuned.

September Song (getting her ready for the next adventure) out

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day so we wondered the side streets of Charleston and enjoyed just being.

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We stopped at a great little place for brunch. Love the local funky places. Delicious omelet and a Guinness. (breakfast of champions?)

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A play day for Cassie and Godiva in the park. (Happy girls)

Cassie on the hunt. "No fish here you silly girl"
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Meeting new friends at the park the way dogs always do. (Sniff, sniff)

I met the owner. Well, I guess we can't go back to that park again

A little boy whispering in Cassie's ear. "Hey beautiful, what's your name?" "Look on the other end and you will find out big fella"

Cassie, as usual, harassing her sister
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Cuddling with Mom on the couch after a hard day at play

"Make room for me Mom!"

A Navy Destroyer leaving the port in Charleston by our marina. These big guys are awesome to see close up

A couple rowing the ICW calling attention to Habitat for Humanity. The Web site was on the side of the boat
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I decided that a new September Song hat to replace the one that had worn out was the best choice. That doesn't mean I won't be on the hunt as we cruise. (It's a hat thing ya know!) I will be on the hunt for a new Bahamas hat before we cross over this winter. Ya, I hear ya! Please! Not the hats again.

One of the brightest orange sunsets we have ever seen at anchor on a perfectly calm evening. A perfect end to another perfect day cruising

All the BIG BOYS at Thunderbolt Marine getting the yachts ready for the rich and famous to cruise the Caribbean this winter

Now that's a yacht!
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Wild life along the ICW in Georgia

The marshes turn from a lush green to a beautiful golden brown in the fall

The ever present dolphins playing in our bow wake. When you look over the side at them, they roll over on their side and look back.

September Song at the home dock in Georgia
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Sunday, October 18, 2009

We love Charleston

Ships moving in and out of the harbor past our marina. This one is 965 feet long and weighs 64,000 tons

Mad River Bar and Grill. This was one of our favorite stops while here with Gypsies. It's a church turned into a bar. Their saying is "saving souls 16 ounces at a time"

Here's to you Doug and Tammy from the Mad River Bar. Missing you!

This table looks soooo lonely without the four of us at it. It remembers us. You guys will have to visit it when you put the pointy end South. It says "I will be looking for you"
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Love going to Farmers Markets

Roving accordion player at the market

Warm powdered sugar donuts for an appetizer before breakfast at the market. Happy boy!

Fixing our ham and cheese crepes and Cinnamon and butter crepes for breakfast. A boy has to eat!
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When we arrived at Charleston at mid day it was cold and rainy. Luckily we got tied up before it started to pour. After the rain let up we headed into town and hit one our favorite bars, The Mad River Bar and Grill for drinks and apps for dinner. The first thing the bar tender says is "where's Doug and Tammy" When she saw us coming, she set out three Shocktop's and a Captain and Coke thinking you were right behind us. Well, maybe it didn't happen that way, but it could have. After reminiscing, drinks, and apps, we headed back to the boat to rest up for our weekend of doing Charleston. The clouds cleared and the sun came out Saturday morning so it was off to the Farmers Market. The Farmers Market in Charleston is huge and claims to be in the top ten in the US. After eating and purchasing our way through the market, it was time to unload our stuff and hit the town. Charleston is such a great city to explore. We spent the rest of the day in town and then headed back to the boat and crashed. Sunday we will do the town again and then put the pointy end south Monday and look forward to warmer weather. "the butter is getting too hard to spread!

September Song (love Charleston) out

As we turned out of the ICW into the shipping channel into Charleston, we were met by this big guy. I think we will let him go first.

This is the bridge that crosses the shipping channel. It was a cold rainy day when we arrived. The clouds covered the top of the bridge

This is a car carrier leaving the dock by our marina. They are called Ro-Ros. They look so weird!

The boat docked next to us has a great story. You can read about it at
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Stephanie talking to a young lady selling flowers with a dream. Her dream is to buy a sail boat and live on it. Go for it girl!

Exploring the City Market

Oh no, not the hats again!
This one should work in the Bahamas. Well, maybe not.

The George Burns look in Oh God.
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