Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day from Spanish Wells

When I last left you we were getting ready to enjoy one of Lorraine's wonderful Bahamian dinners at Black Point. We have put a lot of water under the keel since then and this is the first Internet we have had for seven days. From Black Point we changed our plan because of wind forecast for a couple of days, and went back to Staniel Cay for a couple more play days at the Yacht Club and beaches. From there we headed to one of our favorite remote stops for a couple of days at Cambridge Cay in the Exumas Land and Sea Park. What a beautiful place to explore. From there we fished our way to Ship Channel where we anchored out for the night. Yes, we caught fish. In fact we had two mahi on at one time. From there we headed into Spanish Wells where we were going to pick-up a mooring ball. The mooring field was full, and Sea Pearl was docked at Spanish Wells Yacht Haven, so we decided to go into our first marina in weeks. We had only been tied up for about thirty minutes and Joe and Julia invited us and Tide's In over for cocktail hour. When we arrived for cocktails we found out that it was Derby Day and there were six other cruisers there to watch the Derby. Bets were made, the horses ran, Stephanie and I lost. Had alot of fun for ten dollars! Cocktail hour went on for longer than an hour and we finally got back to September Song around 23:00.
Today we have a golf cart rented, and Stephen, Pam, Stephanie and I are going to explore Spanish Wells.
Again, it's time to go play, and it would take me the rest of the day to give you all the details of the last seven days.
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September Song (Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers) out

Nothing fancy, but good Bahamian food, good WI-FI, fun place to explore, and great people who we have been friends with for three years.

The first time we met Lorraine she was pregnant with Joshua. Now he is a terror at two.

The group enjoying one of Lorraine's fabulous Bahamian dinners.

This boat has been under construction for three years I know of. I think they added one or two boards since last year. "No hurry, you're in the Bahamas Mon"

Some of the local kids enjoying a swim.

Lorraine's Mom, AKA Bread Lady. She makes the best coconut bread in all of the Islands.
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Jay and Nancy headed in from the anchorage at Black Point to meet us and go to Sea Glass Beach.

Sea Glass Beach.

Nancy, showing off her find.

Sunday night we had Tide's In, Serendipity, and Summer Wind over for fresh caught mahi on the grill.
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So cute! "Ya Dad, just throw the ball. Please!"
Big Major anchorage gets a little busy because it is so protected when it gets windy
Never get tired of the beauty of the Exumas.
Two tired girls after a day of play at the beach.

The weather was going to be windy for the next couple of days, so we decided to go back to Staniel and anchor in Big Major. We attended a cookout to benefit a community center the locals are trying to build.

They are both beautiful!

Saying our goodbyes to our two favorite bar tenders Joan and David. Joan is getting married and moving to Andros. Good luck Joan! We will miss you next year.
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One of our favorite stops is Cambridge Cay in the Exumas Land and Sea Park where you can snorkel the Sea Aquarium, explore Pipe Creek, play at Rachel's Bubble Bath, and enjoy one of the more beautiful remote areas in the Exumas.

Stephen and Pam at the Sea Aquarium.
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A view of Bell Rock from the beach

Bell Rock from the top of Cambridge Cay
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View of the beach and Pam and Stephanie from the top of the hill on Cambridge Cay (aka Little Bell's )

Now that we are at the top Dad, I'm going to need a little help getting down.

Yes, we were up there.
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We had to be out aways to get this huge yacht in the picture. The flag on top of the mast is as long as our whole boat.

While exploring Pipe Creek, we passed the development that we have been watching for the last three years on Over Yonder Cay. It is supposedly being developed by T.Boone Pickens, but it's hush, hush.

Huge homes being built on the Island.

Stephen and Pam in their family car in the beautiful blue waters of the Exumas. Notice the shadow of their tender on the bottom.
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Rachel's Bubble Bath is on the North end of Compass Cay on the sound side.

The bubble bath is a pool behind a V cut in the rocks that is awesome at high tide.

When the waves come in and hit the cut it creates this huge bubble bath.

Way cool to swim in!
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Me and Stephen playing in the bubble bath

OH SH%&#, here comes a big one!

Stephen and I are somewhere in this picture

Looking at the bubble Bath from the top.
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