Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Group discount?

Do you suppose the Betty Ford Clinic has a group discount?
If you remember from a previous post, I said Friday was still open on our calender. Not long after that post (about ten minutes) we were told that the bar here at our marina that has been closed for several months, Dockside Bar and Grill, was going to re-open on Friday night. (and I thought we were going to get a night off) They did a "soft opening" for all the people in the marina. Everyone brought a dish and they furnished BBQ pork, chicken, music, and cheap drinks. When the word got out, it didn't take long for the people in the area to join in. Dockside has been here in Marathon for many years and everyone was so excited that it was going to be open again. What a fun party and what a fun place.
You probably think all we do is party, which we do a lot of. We do other things too. We fill fuel tanks, put new line on the poles for fishing in the Bahamas, blog, wash the boat, go to the pool, add another pole holder to September Song for Stephanie's new pole, pump the holding tank,(EWWW) walk the dogs, do laundry, clean the bottom of the boat, etc, etc, etc, but you really don't want me to blog about all of that and bore you to tears.

September Song (want to come help pump the holding tank?) out

At the re-opening 0f Dockside we sat at the table of knowledge. This table has been there for a long looong time with lots of names and initials carved into it. Oh the stories it could tell. From the looks of the next picture, if you spend enough time at the table of knowledge, you start to get, well, let's just say not so knowledgeable. It's not nice to stick your tongue out at the camera, Stephanie.

Sorry Nancy and Katie. I couldn't help myself. Beware of Bob's camera!

The table on the left is on the dock behind Jay and Nancy and Bob and Katie's boats. This table is named the table of wisdom. A few who shall remain nameless weren't so wise and stayed out until 2:00  
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You know you need a lot of fuel when it's delivered on a tank truck. September Song was real thirsty. Got it before the prices get any higher. The off road fuel is red, but I think it should be gold for what it costs.

Finally! Dockside, the bar at our marina, re-opened after being closed for a few months. It's great to have it open again. Roy, our dock master, surprised us with his musical talent. Who knew! He said he supported himself for thirty years playing music. Good job Roy!

Ain't love grand! Katie and Bob at the re-opening of Dockside.

It's a party!
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Norm met his long lost brother. Well, he could be!

Are we having fun yet, still, always!

Drinking a shot with the star of the evening. Remember Nancy, drinking shots will make your clothes fall off.

Oh no, Nancy's cloths are starting to fall off.
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Norm Dancing with the Stars. You get my vote Norm!

Norm's dance partner sharing her key lime pie. YUM!

Cruising friends Bill and Charlotte hosted a group of us for a BBQ at their home on a canal in Summerland Key. What a beautiful place and what great fun. Thanks Bill and Charlotte!

We got real thirsty on the way back from the BBQ, so we stopped at the Sunset Bar and Grill to quench our thirst and continue the party. Hey, we don't have to go to work in the morning!
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Monday, February 28, 2011

What's the name? No Name!

We made our way out into the boonies to the No Name Pub. The No Name Pub was a bar and brothel many years ago out in the middle of nowhere, but now is a really funky bar and fun place with some of the best pizza you will ever find. every inch of the walls and ceiling are covered with dollar bills. A trip to the Keys isn't complete until you find your way to the No Name Pub.

September Song (found it!) out

We found it!

Biker dudes from Miami.

Nancy's new good friend Jose.
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Is you dollar here? Every inch of the No Name Pub is covered with dollar bills.

I met this lady at the bar. She was on crutches, so I asked how she got hurt. Well, after several bottles of wine in the spa, one broken wine glass in the pool, a badly cut foot, and a trip to the emergency room, she is on crutches for the rest of her vacation. There was more to the story, but you get the picture. Fun lady!

Best pizza in the Keys and a fun place to go.

Now that's a tricycle!
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