Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pointy end South

We said goodbye to Fisherman's Village on Monday morning and traveled to Pine Island where Sea Pearl, Aurora, and Shenanigans were docked. Because Joe (dock Joe) only had room for three boats September Song got to try out Joe's (Sea Pearl Joe) new purchase on Pine Island, a lot with a dock. What a great location at the end of a canal and it already had a dock. That night Stephanie and I walked over to where the other boats were docked (dock Joe's) and Joe (boat Joe) drove us all across the canal to a funky bar where we had drinks and dinner (all apps) with the locals. You need to remember we are on Pine Island where the people watching is great. Our waiter was sporting a new tattoo from a couple of nights before, so I asked him about the lady Joe (boat Joe) and I met on boys night out the last time we were at Joe's (dock Joe) dock. This is the lady that got the tattoo the night before. (is 4:00 AM still called the night before?) The waiter said, "Oh ya, that's my Mom!" As Tammy says, "you just can't make this &%$& (stuff) up." After a fun time (we always have fun) at what ever that placed was named, (we'll call it bar dock) we were shuttled back to Joe's boat (no need to say which Joe) in his family car, (the tender) had some great (I don't remember what they were either) after dinner drinks and watched some of the Olympics.
The next night was Chef Roberto's world famous, well maybe boat famous, lasagna. after drinks and apps on the front deck we had my home made lasagna and Stephanie's world class garlic bread. The OOO'S and AAAAH'S filled the salon. Aren't friends great! They will say anything to make you feel good. Besides, I made sure they had plenty to drink before I served it. After dinner Di brought out the PIE! She didn't stop there. She then brought over a really good after dinner drink that she served in shot glasses. (I don't remember what is was called, and who was that masked man anyway?) Later that evening Joe's (boat Joe) cousin Larry and his wife came by for a drink after they got back from celebrating her birthday, or maybe it was their anniversary, (don't ask Larry, because he didn't know either) or maybe it was a combination of both. Joe (dock Joe) was invited but had to go to his Elks Lodge meeting and "straighten them out". Good luck on that one Joe!(dock Joe)
Wednesday morning Aurora left first. They are headed East to Fort Myers, then across the lake and then to their home dock in Stuart. We will miss them, but hope to see them soon. September Song and Joe (boat Joe) and Salty, (boat dog) on Sea Pearl headed out in the fog into a flat calm Gulf of Mexico to Naples. Couldn't see, but it was calm. (thank God for radar)
We will spend the next few days here before making our way down to Key West. YIPPEE, we are going to see Gypsies!

September Song (I don't remember) out

No, this isn't a bad picture. This is the bridge to Sanibel Island in the fog.

If you look real close, You can make out Sea Pearl following us in the fog.

A bald eagle greets us as we turn into the Naples inlet from the Gulf.

"But Dad, I don't have any shoes."
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This is our view from September Song at Joe's cousin Larry's friend Joe (I know it sounds confusing, but they are both named Joe) who has a home on the end of a canal on Pine Island where we docked all three boats.

Joe's (dock Joe) huge yard is all done up as a tropical paradise.

This is a lake off his back porch. Way cool!

Di enjoying a good book on the aft deck of Aurora on a warm, Sunny, South West Florida afternoon
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Drinks before dinner on the front deck on a beautiful evening. Who is that good looking guy? That be Joe. (boat Joe)

Chef Roberto with his Lasagna King hat that was presented to me by Vicki the last time we had home made lasagna on September Song. Miss you Vicki and Norm!
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Kicked back after Chef Roberto's lasagna and Stephanie's garlic bread to die for.

Di brought over a delicious pie for dessert. I still think you should have just given us all forks and passed it around. (Bahama style Mon) Didn't have chocolate on it for the chocoholic, (that be me) but it was delicious without it.

Larry, Joe's cousin, and his wife Paula joined us Tuesday evening for a drink after going out to celebrate Paula's Birthday. Happy birthday Paula!

Di brought over a wonderful after dinner liqueur. I'm not sure what it was, but it sure was good. If I didn't have so much of it I probably would have remembered the name of it.
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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Punta Gorda and good friends

We've had a great time here at Fisherman's Village, shopping, going to the Farmers Market, and just messing about this area, but the best part of the visit was getting to see John and Sue Miller who we haven't seen for eleven years. John and Sue are teachers in the Fort Myers area and live on Pine Island. When Stephanie and I were Youth Group leaders, John and Sue's two kids were in our group. John and Sue would come with us on some of our trips to help chaperone and work with the kids. The kids always loved to mess around in the water looking at weird things with John who is a science teacher and a Presidential teacher of the year. Sue and John were so great with the kids and Stephanie and I loved having them along. John Jr. their son, is married now and is an attorney in Fort Myers, and Valerie, their daughter, is an Episcopal priest. Hard to believe it has been that long ago. It's always great to hear what some of the youth group kids are doing today. We are proud of them both. It was great to see you guys and hope to see you again.
September Song (great to see old friends) out

Old friends we haven't seen for eleven years came over to see us. What a special afternoon

John and Sue Miller on September Song

John with their dog Emma. She wasn't quite sure she liked the boat, but Cassie and Godiva made her feel right at home.
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Best cream filled cupcakes In the world! Thanks for the tip, Pat!

Great Farmers Market in Punta Gorda on Saturday mornings. Never miss a farmers market

If you can't find me, just look for the bakery tent

Had to get a picture of this cute little guy playing with his truck in the dirt while his Dad, Senor Hernandez, sells produce.

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Oh no, not the hat thing again!!!!!! Ya Doug, the hat thing

I think Rick has one like this
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Now where did I park that Cadillac?

The jungle Bunny look

Little Eddie

I can wear this when I am working the fields
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My girlfriend Lamb Chop. How old are you if you remember Lamb Chop?

Fisherman's Village Mall

Me and my good buddy Captain Morgan. We've spent many a happy hour together
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Fishermans Village Yacht Basin, our home for the last three days

My kind of dinner. Yumm!
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Mom and Dad osprey on their new home at marker 14

Stephanie sporting her new red Crocs. Way cool!

Ice cream, gotta have ice cream! We all had some including Cassie and Godiva
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