Saturday, May 19, 2012

Man O War Cay

Tuesday, before Patti arrived, the Bahama Bums cruised over to Man O War. Man O War is a dry Island. Can you believe there is such a thing in the Islands! Man O War is a cute little settlement, with some great little shops. Albury's Sail Shop is where the ladies make all the beautiful canvas bags of all shapes and sizes. Sally's is another shop where the ladies make all kinds of gorgeous clothing and other things out of Androsia  cloth. It's also home to Albury's boat works. They make beautiful wooden sailboats and fiberglass fishing boats.  We explored the Island, had a great lunch, then it was back to Marsh Harbour Thursday, to get ready for Patti's arrival that afternoon.
 September Song (just a catch up) out

Albury's Sail Shop.

Some of the beautiful things they make here at the Sail Shop.

The ladies at their sewing machines 
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The beautiful Androsia fabrics.

The ladies that make all the beautiful things. Notice the blue top to the left of the picture with the sailboats on it. It now belongs to my beautiful wife. It looks so great on her, but everything looks great on her.

The wooden sailboats that they make at Albury's boat works.
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Patti is in the Islands "Mon"

Patti arrived in Marsh Harbour early evening on Thursday. Jay and Nancy were here with us to greet her. After hugs and kisses, it was time to cool off with her first Island rum drink. After a quick change of clothes, it was off to Snappa's  for some Island music and dancing. Sorry, in the rush, I forgot my camera. I promise that won't happen again.
Friday, it was off for some provisioning, a little shopping, an afternoon in the pool, then back to the boat to get ready for Jay and Nancy to arrive for happy hour, and a fabulous mahi dinner on September Song. Stephanie outdid herself again.
After a wonderful dinner, it was time to head out to Boat Harbour and PARTY!
Patti met Brown Tip (AKA Rake and Scrape) earlier in the day, and he promised her a good time. Well, he kept his promise. "Lady White Tip" Patti was up on the stage, playing with them. Before the night was over (around midnight) "Lady White Tip", and "Mama White Tip" (Stephanie) were both on the stage, playing the Island music.
We danced until we couldn't do it any more, then headed back to the marina, jumped into the pool to cool off, and the five of us danced down the dock back to September Song.
Today, after everyone gets going (it was a late night) we will cast off the lines, and head to another fun Island.
Hang on Patti, we're just getting started!

September Song (I think Patti likes it here!) out

Patti, with her arrival Island drink.

Fresh conch salad. YUM! A little on the hot side.

Patti gets to meet Brown Tip.

Hot afternoon in the pool
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My beautiful Chef!

Patti, (AKA Lady White Tip) on stage with Brown Tip Rake and Scrape.

"Mama White Tip" (AKA Stephanie) and "Lady White Tip" (AKA Patti) on stage, playing the Island music with Rake and Scrape.
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Our dates. Ain't they cute!

Jay and Nancy, dancing to the Island music. Thanks for helping make Patti's night so fun.

Patti, dancing with Eddie.

Jay's new friend. No Nancy, you can't take him home!
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Midnight swim to cool off, (with our clothes on!) after a wild night at Boat Harbour with Brown Tip Rake and Scrape.
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Hope Town and Marsh Harbour

We left our anchorage at Lynyard Cay, and headed into Hope Town. Hope Town is a beautiful little protected harbour, with a 360 degree view of all the colorful buildings, and the lighthouse. The lighthouse is still lit with oil, and wound like a grandfather clock with weights that turn the light.
Hope Town is a great place to explore. The streets are more for walking and golf carts, with cottages and homes painted every color of the rainbow, great little shops, and a beautiful harbour to do a sunset cruise in the family cars. (tenders)
After a two day stop in beautiful Hope Town, we headed to Marsh Harbour. Marsh Harbour is a larger town, with fun bars, lots of Island music, (Rake and Scrape) great place to reprovision, enjoy happy hours in the pool here at Harbour View where we are docked, and get a haircut, (man I need one of those)
We will be headed out for a couple of days to anchor out and enjoy some beach time, and then return to Marsh Harbour Thursday to pick up my daughter, Patti, who will be spending ten days on September Song. Can't wait to see her, and show her the Islands. She will need a vacation from her vacation after ten days with the Bahama Bums.

September Song (loving the Abacos) out

Jay, enjoying a cup of coffee, and Nancy, motoring to our next stop.

Beautiful Hope Town Harbour.
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Fun night at Boat Harbour with music by Brown Tip's Rake and Scrape Band.

Stephanie, dancing with one of the Rake and Scrape....While I was in the bathroom!

What fun music! You can't sit down when these guys are playing, and none of us did.

Who is that lady you are dancing with Jay?
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Rake and Scrape is a style of Islands music. They use saws and knives. It's hard to explain, but they are great, and the music is so much fun.

Who said white men can't dance? I know, it's a matter of opinion.
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Cocktail hour at Boat Harbour before a fun night with Rake and Scrape.

Our waitress was taking our picture.... Turn the camera around.! She didn't know she was holding the camera backwards, and took a picture of herself.

Goombay Smash - ed
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Relaxing afternoon at the pool

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If you look close, you can see Stephen and Pam on the lighthouse.

The beautiful streets of Hope Town.

Sunset cruise in the family cars. (tenders)
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