Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sea Pearl is here

Sea Pearl arrived at our home dock on Tuesday afternoon and within an hour we were on September Song catching up and enjoying a fabulous meal prepared by Admiral Stephanie. It's great to have Joe and Salty here if only for a few days, but we will be together again in Florida and then the Exumas. Can't wait for that! Gypsies in the Palace and Tide Hiker are steaming this way, but weather and an alternator that crapped out on Gypsies will delay their arrival for a couple more days. (wish I was there to help Doug) Last night we were invited to Tom and Karla's (good friends of ours) for dinner and had a great steak dinner with Joe and Tom's cousins Dave and Denise. Joe and Tom have alot in common as they both were in law enforcement and had lots of friends and experiences in common. Being from the same area in New York, Dave and Denise also had a lot of "do you remember and "Oh my God's" with Joe all evening. Tonight Joe is treating Tom, Karla, Stephanie and I to dinner at the Sunbury Crab Co. a Key Westy style restaurant in our area. Should be great fun. Still don't know when we are leaving to head South, but September Song is tugging at the lines and ready to put her pointy end South. Well, maybe the reason she is tugging at the lines is because it is windy and cold here today. Because the weather is crappy, Godiva, Cassie, and Salty haven't had much play time, but they did get in a few glad to see you again sniffs.

September Song (enjoying Sea Pearl's visit) out

Sea Pearl steaming to our dock in the rain

Sea Pearl tied to our home dock

Salty ready to help with the lines

Cocktail hour at Tom and Karla's
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Joe has his eye on one of those steaks

Joe digging in

We need to teach Tom how we play "pass the cake" No need for plates, just forks
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