Wednesday, July 6, 2011

On the move

We left our anchorage Friday morning and headed for Isle of Palms Marina, where our good friend from Key West, Bil Krauss, was going to play Friday night. It was great to see Bil again and see his show. After he finished, he came over to September Song for a drink and catch up. (musicians are night owls) See you in Key Weird Bil!
Saturday morning we headed to Charleston where we planned to stay for the rest of the trip with the boys.
There are lots of things to do and see here in Charleston, and a bonus is that the marina has a pool. Tomorrow, we are headed to the aquarium and take the ferry to Fort Sumter where the first shot of the Civil War was fired.
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September Song (fun in Charleston) out

Shrimp season is open.

Connors favorite place on September Song while we cruise. Cell phone, game thing, TV, and the couch.
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Bil Krauss, a good friend and musician from Key West, who was playing....

Wild and crazy Bil.

He puts on a great show.
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On our way into the Charleston Harbour Marina where we will be docked for the next few days.

An afternoon of playtime in the Marina pool on a hot afternoon.

Thumbs up. Or is it thumbs up under?
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A little horse play in the Marina pool.

pool football
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Boys day at the beach. Austin, and Connor and I took the trolley to the beach for the day.

On the way on Ollie theTrolley.
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Fun at the beach.

After all that playing at the beach we got real hungry. A stop for bar food was in order.
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A real sailor.

This one needs a hair cut.
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Where'd ya park yer horse, Tex?

He doesn't look Australian to me.

I don't think so Senor
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WWII sub we explored.

Torpedo room on the sub. Some of the crew had to sleep over the torpedos. A retired crew member told us about life on the sub. He told us that three men were assigned to one bunk. One on duty, one awake, and one sleeping in the bunk. Three shifts

Two cool dudes on the deck of the sub.
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Walkway to the Yorktown.

Desert Storm mission flight simulator we rode in.

Don't shoot!
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Checking out the planes on the flight deck.

The flight deck of the Yorktown.

How many enemy planes do you think this gun has shot down?

Boom boom boom!
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Sitting in the Captains chair on the bridge of the Yorktown.

Can't imagine the things that have been seen out these windows.

View of a WWII sub that we were on, from the deck of the Yorktown.

Connor, checking out the views from the Yorktown.
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Vietnam war memorial. It's a re-creation of a camp in Vietnam.

Helicopter used in the war.

River patrol boat used in the war.

The Yorktown isn't so big!
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