Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's about time!

Where have you been? We have been looking for you. We have been having a fun time with Tides In on the Chesapeake while you were away. The weather has been beautiful, with highs in the low to mid 80's and lows in the mid 60's. While you were away, I turned 62. Social Security...Show me the money!
We are now on US Navy (free) mooring balls just up the river from Annapolis on Weems Creek, about a fifteen minute ride in the family cars to Ego Alley in the middle of Annapolis. It's a beautiful, calm, well protected spot. If a hurricane was coming, we would need to move, because this is where they moor all the ships from the Naval Academy. We have been exploring Annapolis the last two days, and tomorrow we are going to take a tour of the Naval Academy, but you will have to wait for the next blog for that.
Hope you are enjoying the Chesapeake as much as we are.
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September Song (Happy Birthday to me) out

Our bartender/owner of Doc's Riverside Grill, Centreville, taking our picture. "Turn it around!"

That's better!

It was such a gorgeous day, we decided to have a few more drinks and laughs out on their patio.

When we take the girls to the beach, they leap off the bow before we get to shore. Do you think they love to go to the beach.
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Stephen and Pam in the family car headed to Centreville

Beautiful old homes in Centreville

See the gargoyle?

Centreville is a beautiful little quiet town with a cute downtown.
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Can you say high tide? It was a full moon high tide and it flooded the marina parking lot.

The Farmers Market at Chestertown is one of the best. This lady grows 150 different types of tomatoes. We picked out several. We had tomato sandwiches for lunch three days in a row. 

The Mennonites bake great breads, cakes, cookies, and pies. We bought some of each.

I'll hold the bag open honey, and you pile it in.
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While we were at Washburn's getting everything done on September Song, we met Bob and Nancy on Puffin who were getting work done also. While we were anchored at Chestertown, Puffin came into the marina. They invited the four of us over for drinks on Puffin and then dinner at the Fish Whistle. (what's a fish whistle?) The six of us had a great time sharing stories, lots of laughs, and a delicious dinner. I'm sure our paths will cross again.

Three beautiful ladies we picked up in the bar at the Fish Whistle. I'll take the one on the right
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The view of the Chester River on our way to the Sand Bar.

The four of us took our family cars down the Chester River to a great little bar Stephen had found.

Great find Stephen! The Sand Bar is a bar on the water with sand floors and a Waterman's boat was the bar. What a fun afternoon we had meeting new people.

Met this fun couple, well not a couple, just good friends, at the Sand Bar. She just moved to the area. She teaches crewing on scull boats and is a photographer. She was drinking orange crush, a drink that is very popular now. It's made with fresh squeezed orange juice.Stephanie and I have had several while in the Chesapeake. They are very good. What a great way to get your vitamin C.
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Was he going?

Or was he coming?

We hiked into Rock Hall to do a little exploring. Got another favorite of mine while there. A real root beer float. Syrup, soda water, and ice cream at an old time soda fountain.

Cool old place. You don't see many of these anymore.
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Why am I smiling?

Oh, that's why I'm smiling. A birthday eve celebration at the bar at Waterman's Crab house. We met these cruisers on a week long vacation cruise. Two of the seven ladies wishing me a happy birthday. 

Oh, two more! The day before your birthday can be good too.

Now that's a pile of crab! 
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Happy Birthday to me!

My Birthday was great! Tons of well wishers in e-mails and on Facebook. Me, Stephanie (the love of my life) and our cruising buddies Stephen and Pam on Tides In went to Waterman's Crabhouse in Rock Hall where we were docked. I had the all you can eat Chesapeake blue crabs. (Oh, and a few Captain and Cokes) The last time we were here, we were with Doug and Tammy on Gypsies in the Palace. I cracked, peeled, and picked for about two hours. It was great! I don't think I ate as many as I did with Doug, but I did do some damage. We finished with one of my favorites, red velvet cake back on September Song. What a special day!

The only thing left is messy fingers and an empty tray.

Me, Stephanie, Stephen, and Pam, at Waterman's Crabhouse

September Song and Tides In, docked at the free dock at Waterman's. We like free!
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