Friday, May 25, 2012

Hope Town

We tucked into Hope Town at Hope Town Inn and Marina, because a Tropical LO was headed our way. Hope Town was on our list of places to take Patti, but we hadn't planned on spending three days here.
Hope Town is a beautiful little town that we stopped at about ten days ago. This is the first time we have stayed in a marina here, and we wish the weather was better, so we could enjoy the pool and facilities.
We did get a chance to get out and explore Hope Town, the light house, and rent a golf cart to tour the Islands Wednesday. The lighthouse is always amazing, and we hit all the shops, walked the town, and saw lots of the out areas here.
After our outing, we headed up to the marina bar for cocktails and a bar food dinner, my favorite, with the Bahama Bums, and four other cruisers we have met while here in the Abacos.
Last night it was windy with lots of rain, so I declared it to be a movie night, popcorn included.
It looks like we are going to make it back to Marsh Harbour tomorrow, go to Rake and Scrape again, explore a little more of Marsh Harbour Saturday, play in the pool in the afternoon, and have a barbecue poolside with the Bums Saturday night.
Patti leaves the Islands Sunday morning. Where has the time gone? It has been so great to have her with us these last few days. Our hopes are that she can make it back, whereever we are playing, real soon.

September Song (it can stop raining now!) Out

The hope Town Lighthouse.

On the way up.....and up....and up!

They still use oil to lite the lighthouse at night.

The light is turned with weights. They crank up the weights, like a grandfather clock, and as they come down, it turns the light all night.
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View of Hope Town Harbour from the Lighthouse.

September Song, docked at Hope Town Inn and Marina.

Patti, at the top of the lighthouse, looking out the door to the cat walk. Come out Patti!
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I think I will just look out the window Dad. 

Looking down from the top pf the steps.

Bar food in the late afternoon at the marina bar. My favorite late lunch. Conch and fish. Great food here.
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Bill and Charlotte (Omega) had all the Bums over for apps and a goombay smash party Wednesday night. Thanks Bill and Charlotte. It was great fun!

When we took a golf cart for a tour of the out area of Hope Town, we stopped on the hill overlooking the beach. Wouldn't want to be out there today.

How far is it to where? People put up signs on this tree with the distance to where they are from.

Lizard lodge. a curly tail lizard (live) is out on it's patio.
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Anchored out at Tilloo Cay

The Bahama Bums + one, (Patti)  cruised to Tilloo Cay, one of our favorite anchorages. Beautiful beaches, great place to snorkel at Sandy Cay, one of the best reefs in the Abacos, and a perfect place for a beach bonfire.

September Song (above and below in the Abacos) out

Snorkeling the reef.

Recognize these two?

Hundreds of these little neon blue fish.

Stephen, Pam, William and Judy, enjoying the beach.
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Two tired puppies!

The rollers come in from the ocean, so we put a tag line on the tender so we don't lose anyone.

I see you, watching me, watching you!
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Patti's merit badge from Nipper's

On the way to Tilloo Cay, we saw a water spout. Luckily it stayed out over the ocean.

Me and my beautiful daughter, on Tilloo beach at sunset.

Our beach bonfire at Tilloo Cay. Break out the hot dogs.
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It was Judy's first time at Nipper's, so she also got her merit badge.

There's a horseshoe court at the beach where we have our beach play day and bonfire. 

A little hermit crab decided to join us.

Sunset from the beach at Tilloo.
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Some nice person left a picnic table for everyone to use. 

Charlotte (Omega) with her new stemware.
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Patti arrives in the Islands!

My daughter, Patti, arrived in the Islands late last Thursday afternoon. After lots of hugs and kisses, it was time to start showing her the Island life. So many places to go and so many things to do. I don't think we will be able to get it all in, but we will try.
We all went to Snappa's Thursday night, had some Island apps and a few more fruity drinks, and danced to some Island music. We got back to the boat way too late, but it was so much fun. In the hurry to get out and start playing, I forgot my camera. Sorry! Promise, that won't happen again.
I'm going to do this in segments, so you will need to click on older posts to see them all.
It's Thursday, and we have Invest 94 moving through the Abacos. We will be getting 35 to 45 knot winds today through tomorrow morning, but we are tied to the dock at Hope Town Inn and Marina, so we will be safe through the blow. By Friday afternoon, it's going to be out-a-here, so we will head to Marsh Harbour, and finish out Patti's vacation with lots of fun in Marsh Harbour.

September Song (not done yet!) out

Patti, with her first fruity rum drink when she arrived.

Fresh conch salad. An Island favorite, but it was a little hot. A little less scotch bonnet peppers next time.
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Patti, dancing with Eddie, one of the Rake and Scrape guys.

Jay, with Eddie. No one has more fun than Jay!

Patti, (AKA Lady White Tip) dancing with Brown Tip.

We were real hot, so when we got back to the marina, (around midnight) it was time to cool off in the pool. clothes and all!
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We were walking down the street, and we met Brown Tip along the way. We told him we were going to bring Patti to Rake and Scrape that night. He promised Patti a good time. 

Chilling in the pool on a hot afternoon.

Stephanie, (AKA beautiful Chef) preparing a fabulous mahi dinner. The gorgeous top she is wearing, she got in Man O War.  It was made from  Androsian fabric. Looking Good!

Lady White Tip. playing in the Rake and Scrape Band. Brown Tip kept his promise!
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