Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wax vs beach?

I had spent about two hours waxing the pilot house roof when a black and a brown puppy came up and said "you want to go to the beach Dad?"Lets see, wax, beach, wax, BEACH. "Lets get Mom and go to the beach" DUH, I will be ready in five minutes. The wax will be there tomorrow. Well, maybe not tomorrow, our friends from Whichaway, Chuck and Fabin, are going with us to the reef for some diving off September Song tomorrow. Pictures at 7:00 and news at 11:00. I hope we aren't on the news at 11:00.

September Song (are Cassie and Godiva spoiled or what) out

My love at the beach

Are we having fun yet?

I got it!

Half Note watching the fun
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Wild life on the way to the beach

Feeding time at the fish cleaning station

What can I say? It is just gorgeous at sunset in the Keys

The moon tonight at sunset. Way cool
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Friday, January 9, 2009

Lets go fishing

I spent 2 hours waxing the fly bridge roof and then I had an offer I couldn't refuse, let's go fishing! Joe, who owns a boat in the slip across from us asked if I would like to go fishing. Let's see, wax, go fishing, wax, GO FISHING!!!! It took me about a half second to decide. We spent the afternoon in the old fishing hole and had a good day as you can see from the picture. We made it home in time for me to clean the fish and enjoy a glass of wine and another sunset in Paradise on the front deck. Life is good!

September Song (the wax will be there tomorrow) out

Wax on wax off. should I go fishing? DUUUH!

Joe with a big one

Blow those horns
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What is a Bubble Butt?

No, not people with big butts. A Bubble Butt is a turtle that has been hit by a boat and causes an air cavity under their shell that keeps them from diving for food and eventually they die of starvation. Only the lucky ones that are rescued and live in the turtle habitat survive. Now you know.
Today, after about 2 hours of waxing on September Song, we rode Bee and Bop to the Hidden Harbor Turtle Hospital. It is amazing the work they do with the Turtles. From baby turtles (they are so cute) that got stranded to the bubble butts that will live out their lives in the turtle habitat. After giving the turtles that are rescued what ever they need, (surgery, remove lines hooks and nets, giving some mineral oil and Metamucil, etc.) they go through rehab and then are released back to the sea. They can survive in the wild if they have at least 3 flippers, but if they have lost more than one, they will live in the turtle habitat for the rest of their lives. It was a very interesting and informative tour.
After we returned from the Turtle Hospital we enjoyed the sunset with some fellow cruisers on the aft deck of Waterway Guide Lady and then we all went to dinner at Burdines, a great outdoor restaurant.

September Song (now know what a bubble butt is) out

Hidden Harbor Turtle Hospital

Turtle Hospital Ambulance leaving for another rescue

Our tour guide
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This little guy was a ham

This big guy suffers from constipation (hasn't pooped for 2 months!)

In the recovery room after surgery today (notice the missing flipper)
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Some of the lucky Bubble Butts that will live out their lives in the turtle habitat

Bubble Butt

Turtle in rehab before being returned to the Sea (only three flippers)
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Dinner at Burdines with new friends

Sunset party on the aft deck of Waterway Guide Lady

Another beautiful end
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This one is for you Adriane

Adriane; I have a great idea for you. All you need is a plastic chair, plastic table, an extension cord, and your equipment, Jim keeps his in the plastic bag you see on the left of the picture. there are approximately 100 boats in this marina, 300 in the city marina, about 500 in others, and they all need hair cuts. Times 2 if you figure there are at least two people on each boat. Jim had about 15 people asking if they could be next. I don't know of anyone in our travels that cut hair at marina's. You also have to remember that most of them have limited transportation. Jim had four salons and cut hair for 45 years. He only cuts the people in the boats around him as a friendly gesture and doesn't want to do it as a job. He did a good job, but you are still the best. For those of you who are reading this blog, Adriane (Rofflers in Hinesville) has been cutting Stephanie's and my hair for a few years and does a great job, we miss her.
Sorry, no sunset picture today, we had a cold front move through and the winds kicked up to 35 knots and heavy rain. We knew it was coming because our weather alert system sounded the alarm 30 minutes before it hit, so we were somewhat prepared, but we forgot to close a couple of port holes and poor Godiva (where's Godiva?) was stranded on the front deck and came in looking like a drowned rat. Other than a little water to clean up and a dog to dry off, we fared well. The cold front is going to drop our daily temps all the way down to the mid 70's. The weather man says it's going to be chilly for the next two days. People down here don't know what a real cold front is.

September Song (got the dock cut) out

The Dock Barber Shop

I feel 10 pounds lighter
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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cassie's day to go fishing

It was Cassie's turn to go fishing with Dad today. She loves fishing. As you can see, she had to inspect every fish that was caught, and she had a lot to inspect.
Today we had another arrival to the marina. He is a retired barber and said he would cut my hair tomorrow. It was a hair cut or dog tags. I really need one bad. Tonight I fixed my world famous enchiladas, well maybe not world famous, but Stephanie liked them, so that's all that counts. Not much else to report, just another beautiful day in Paradise.

September Song (dock hair cut tomorrow) out

Cassie looking for the fish

Cassie had to inspect every fish I caught

For those of you who are wondering, this is a pig fish

Another perfect end to another perfect day. 15 seconds to shell horn blowing
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Monday, January 5, 2009

Unusual visitor to our slip

Yesterday Godiva and I went fishing. I would have pictures but I couldn't get Godiva to take them. We caught a lot of fish, and she had to inspect each one of them. She loves going fishing with Dad. Cassie's nose was a little out of shape when she had to stay on the boat with Mom, but she did get to help mom clean out the frig. (yum) Tomorrow Cassie gets to go fishing with Dad and Godiva will stay with Mom and pout. Stephanie prepared fresh Snapper and pig fish for dinner and it was, as usual, delicious.
Today was pump out day (poo day) so I took the morning while waiting for the poo guy and did some waxing. I was careful after our friend Chuck, on Whichaway, fell while waxing yesterday and had to have 8 staples and 4 stitches on his head. (ouch) but the good news is that he is OK. The afternoon was spent exploring on Half Note and playing on Sombrero Beach. When we returned, Stephanie gave the girls a bath and while she was running water on the dock we had a huge visitor. A manatee came to our slip and was drinking the fresh water running off the dock. Steph sprayed the hose into the water and he rolled over for a bath which he (or she) thoroughly enjoyed, and then took a big drink from the hose. They are so ugly they are cute. After the drink, it slowly swam away. While returning from the beach we saw a Frigate bird gliding over us. We usually see them when we are off shore. Frigate birds are very big birds and spend days at a time at sea, we have seen them many many miles off shore. I don't think I have ever seen them flap their wings, they just gracefully glide forever.

September Song (enjoying wild life) out

On the way to a dog gone good beach

A Frigate bird flying over us on our way back to September Song

Enjoying a bath

Drinking fresh water from the hose
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What a face

This is a 1935 Trumpy you can charter for $9,500.00 per week. Gorgeous old yacht

Another beautiful end to another beautiful day (blow those shell horns)
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