Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just a teaser

Thought I would send a few pictures as a teaser. We have been going non stop and I haven't had time to blog. We got back from Key West mid afternoon today after a beautiful cruise out on the Atlantic back to Marathon. The weather has been perfect the whole time Ron and Rena have been here. We just got back from the Sunset Bar and Grill where we celebrated my best friend, lover, partner, wife, and the admiral of our ships birthday on the waterside deck at sunset. Happy birthday my love. I love you! We just finished a night cap on the Fly bridge and it's time for ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ'S. Will blog some time soon if they will give me a free moment.

September Song (need some ZZZZZZZZ'S) out

Is that an earring in your ear? Not to be outdone by Rena's tattoo, Ron is sporting an earring and cool beads

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OOPS! Would you believe this guy/girl was once a NFL player
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Key West playpen update

Coffee on the boat, breakfast at Pepe's, crazy time at Irish Kevin's, late lunch at Fogerty's with our musician friend Bil Krauss, a stop at, well you will see, and that was only till 3:00. Back at the boat now catching some down time before Doug and Tammy get here for cocktail hour, then it's off to see, well you will have to wait for the next blog. Do ya think we are having fun yet? Well YA!! Got to run, Doug and Tammy will be here at any minute.

September Song (this is hard work, but some one has to do it) out

Rena enjoying a beautiful morning working on her journal

Ron and Rena outside Pepe's ready for a famous breakfast at Pepe's. No not Tiffany's, Pepe's.

Ahhh! Bloodies and breakfast outside (where else, its warm here) in the garden at Pepe's

Ready to head to Irish Kevin's to meet Doug and Tammy
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An afternoon at Irish Kevin's

The guy in the middle (if you don't recognize him in his new hat that's my brother Ron) of Rena and her new best friend from Scotland, That's "Spartacus". Just ask him next time you see him (if we can get him out of Key West) and he will tell you "I AM SPARTACUS!!"
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Bil Krauss, a musician friend of ours playing at Irish Kevin's

Tammy's new friend. Makes two of her. Don't fight it Doug, he's bigger than both of us

Tammy, do you think I look good in this hat?

Some things that happen in Key West stay in Key West. Just know that "I AM SPARTACUS" You had to be there.
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Rena's new best friend from Scotland. They bought matching shirts. Rena, you devil you!

Who's leg is that sporting a new tattoo?

OMG!!!! It's attached to Rena. She thought she would celebrate her new hip with a tattoo. You're never too old to get a sexy tattoo. Looking good girl!
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In Key West!!!!!!!!

After a beautiful day on the water we arrived at the Key West Bight Marina mid afternoon. After getting settled in the Gypsies arrived (Doug and Tammy) and the party was officially started. (can't start the party without the Gypsies) After drinks and apps on the fly bridge we headed to Mallory Square for the sunset and the Key West crazies. My blogs will be short and the pictures will tell the story, besides, we are on a tight schedule. (got to fit in all the fun) Midnight came and went and we only had to spank them once for misbehaving. (they have been good children)

September Song (were headed to Pepe's for breakfast) out

The Gypsies are here, the Gypsies are here!

Ron and Rena getting to know the Gypsies

Tammy talking to Rhonda (Ron and Rena's daughter), a big fan of the Gypsies

It's good to be back together again. Oh, did I tell you their plans may change and they may come to the islands with us. Yippee!!!!!!!!!
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Street performers at Mallory Squire

A one man orchestra
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Ron and Rena waiting for sunset

Another beautiful sunset at Mallory Square

Rena Tipping the dog. The dog collects the tips while his owner plays

Night time at Mallory Square
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