Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lloyd Harbor

I'm getting there!
We left Noank, and headed to Lloyd Harbor. If you remember, this is the place Joe took us when we stopped in NY on our way to Maine. We arrived a day before the rest of the group. We needed to rest up after the get together at Noank, and get ready for the Labor Day weekend before the rest of the group got there. 
Lloyd Harbor is one of those places that is so much fun. We rake clams, pick mussels, and fix them about every way they can be fixed. On the half shell, baked, grilled, steamers, chowdah, in garlic and wine sauce. Did I miss any? Along with all that, add a bunch of lobstah, and we got our fill of sea food, and then some. We played on the beach, swam off the back of the boats, explored on the tenders, had a beach bonfire, great happy hours, and on Saturday, there was an all day concert on the water to fund the lighthouse at the entrance to Lloyd Harbor. What a great time we had, and the concert was a blast.
Thanks again Joe and Julia, Bob and Penny, Bruce and Linda, and Mark and Patty, for a great three days.

September Song (love Lloyd Harbor) out

September Song, Sea Pearl, Penny Too, and J.Erica, rafted up for the three days.

A great start, LOBSTAH!

The two Bob's, with our lobstah eating t-shirts. It wasn't planned, but we both had the same shirts. 

Let the feasting begin! Lobstah on the fly bridge of September Song. It doesn't get any better!
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Fun off the back of September Song with the girls. Cassie is out swimming somewhere.

This cute......sign, came by, with concert t-shirts for a donation of 20.00. 

Our family cars, tied to the aft of our boats.

We weren't the only ones rafted up and partying.
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Remember, the concert was on the water, so people were on whatever would float. Now that's a party barge!

This is the lighthouse that the donations went to preserve. The bands played from the top.

Joe, Julia, and Salty, at the concert.

Headed to the concert in the family car, modified. Hey, it was sunny and hot, so I had to improvise. 
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A little fun in the water at the concert.

Joe, with dancing Salty. Is that a water bottle in your hand Bruce? NOT!

Another dog, joining in the fun.

There were at least a couple hundred boats, and they were all having a blast.
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The bands played from the top of the lighthouse. Great music all day!

To you too!

Bob, modeling the concert t-shirt. "Rip, Rap, Rock".

I said, show me the t-shirt, not show me your boobs!
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This cute kid was tired of rowing, so he hung on to our anchor line for a rest. No Stephanie, we can't take him home.

Cooling off.

Are you selling t-shirts, or hugs? I'll take one of each!

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Nothing like a few dozen steamers and butter after the concert.

Do we have fun, or what!
Thanks again gang, for a wonderful time.
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The beautiful Julia and Linda

Joe, chilling.

Cocktail hour on the aft of Sea Pearl.
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Good friends

I'm catching up, but still have a lot to do. A night at anchor helps.
I wanted to mention, today, Tuesday, 9/11/2012, eleven years after the attack on the World Trade Center, we traveled down the beautiful Hudson, and passed the new World Trade Center, and the 9/11 memorial at 11:00AM, on 9/11, on the 11th anniversary of the attack. We shall always remember!
We left Block Island, and headed to Noank, CT. The plan was to dock at Nyman's Fuel Dock, and Ford Lobster, and meet up with good cruising friends, Steve and Di, (Sanctuary, the yacht they are captaining) Bob and Nonnie (MV Miss Grace, who we spent time in the Islands with last spring) and Dave and Pat (MV Sceptre). Best laid cruising plans! We arrived mid afternoon. Steve and Di were headed our way and had to turn back because of rough seas. Bob and Nonnie and Dave and Pat were going to drive to Noank, so the get-together was delayed by a day. Our schedule is, we have no schedule, so we stayed an extra day. The gang was going to arrive late afternoon the next day, so we put the tender in the water, and drove to Mystic, CT, the home of Mystic Seaport. We were there by car twelve years ago, but to see it by water is always different. What a neat place! After a slice at the world famous Mystic Pizza, a little exploring, and play time on the beach with the girls, it was time for cocktail hour with the gang on Sanctuary. (73 foot Outer Reef, WOW!) After cocktail hour, we headed up the dock to pig out on lobstah, have a fun time with friends, and close the place down. OH, it is also a BYOB. Love BYOB's! Good thing they didn't rent the tables by the hour!

September Song (always great to get together with cruising friends) out

September Song, docked at Nyman's.

Ford's Lobster pound.

If you are wondering what a Lobster pound is, this is a lobster pound.
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Mystic Seaport is home to a number of old sailing vessels.

Mystic Seaport Village.

They also restore old ships.

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The Mystic River Bridge is a bascule type bridge, and was built in 1920. What a cool old bridge.

Had to stop for a slice, at the famous Mystic Pizza. It lived up to its reputation!

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