Friday, June 25, 2010

10,000 nm under her keel

About 5 miles out from our home dock we hit 10,000 nm on our trip log. We will have had our new September Song for three years as of July 14th and have traveled 10,000 nm or 11,500 statute miles. She has been a great boat and carried us to so many wonderful places. We look forward to the next 10,000 and hopefully more. When I think of all the fabulous places we have been, and all the wonderful people we have met, it seems like it all just happened yesterday. The best part about it and what has made it so special is that I got to share it with my best friend, partner, love of my life, and the admiral of our ship, Stephanie. I look forward to the next however many more 10,000nm with her.

September Song (here's to the next ten) out

Notice the trip log 9999 nm. The trip log only goes to 9999 and then needs to be reset. We hit this mark about 5 miles out from our home dock.

The beautiful marshes of Georgia

A sea of grass that seems to go on forever
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Sad goodbyes

It has been great fun having Brianne cruise with us this last three weeks. We started out in the Islands and ended here in Georgia. I hope she had as much fun exploring with us as we had with her. Love you little one.

September Song (we will miss you) out

Down the steps to the cobblestone streets of River Street in Savannah.

River Street in Savannah

Lunch at Tubby's Tank House

She says she will miss her sweet tea and fried shrimp and crab stew.
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My two beautiful ladies on the streets of Savannah. That's the candy sample guy in the background checking out Brianne and giving her a thumbs up.

Samples, samples. Sure, I'll try one. Again.
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Brianne and the candy sample guy on river street. Love all those samples outside the candy stores!

Our little shopper.

The beautiful moss draped oak trees in Savannah.
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On Brianne's last night with us we all went to the Sunbury Crab Company for dinner.

Notice the red stuff on my shirt. Someone played an old school trick on me. loose cap on the cocktail sauce bottle. My shrimp were swimming in it and I had it all over me.
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Headed down the dock at 04:00. Yes Brianne, there are two four o'clocks in a day.

A little repacking at the airport.

Brianne waiting for her 06:30 flight. We will miss you our love! It has been fun.
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Mist over the marshlands at sunrise on our last leg with Brianne

It doesn't get any calmer than this. What a beautiful way to start a day!

Shrimpers headed out

Off the coast dragging for shrimp
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Waves

Today we rode the bikes over to Summer Waves Water Park and spent the day playing in the water. I got in for free because it was Fathers Day. I could have gotten in on a senior citizen discount if it wasn't Fathers Day. I'm no senior citizen! At least I don't feel like one. If you call me that I'll punch you in the nose. Did we have fun today? WELL YA! It was a great day and it was extra special because Brianne was with us. (and I'm no senior citizen!!!)

September Song (water logged) out

Two special ladies in my life.

That's me and Stephanie coming down the Pirates passage on plane. Now that was a wild ride!!!!!

Go Steph!
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Brianne after a wild ride

The race was on! She only beat me by 10 feet. Don't tell her, but I let her win.

That's us headed for the fourth story. Ten minutes up and ten seconds down.

Waiting for the waves to start in the wave pool
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All that playing in the water can make a person real hungry.

Just floating down the river

Happy girl!
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That's what I call getting dumped on.

Me and Brianne coming down the chute.

Brianne and I are somewhere in that splash.

Don't know if I want to do that one again! Oh, what the hell. Lets go again Bri.
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