Friday, August 28, 2009

An Island that time has forgotten

We left our anchorage on the Corrotoman River and set a course for Tangier Island. After a little bit of a bumpy start in the morning it calmed down and was another beautiful day on the water. As we cruised to Tangier we watched the pelicans diving for fish, The waterman checking their pots, and the seagulls flying over head waiting to pick up the scraps they left behind. (lazy seagulls) As we approached Tangier Island I called on channel 16 for the Parks Marina. No response. I don't think Mr. Parks even owns a radio. If he does, he never turns it on. We waited just off the "dock" and sure enough here comes Mr. Parks. Mr. Parks is 78 years old and he and his ancestors have lived here all their lives. Coming into Tangier is a step back in time with dozens of Waterman crab shacks on stilts along the shore with their boats named after their wives, children, or sweethearts tied up in the afternoon. (their day starts around 3:00AM) My docking was easy because I got the face dock. Doug's was not so easy. The tide was ripping and he had to dock at a 90 degree angle to the tide. (you need to read Gypsies blog for the details) After we were settled the four of us took a walking tour of the town, found the ice cream shop and enjoyed our travel back in time. Life is simple on Tangier and the people like it that way. It is an old fishing village with a charm all of its own. cute little waterman's houses, a few restaurants, a "grocery store" a couple of home grown gift shops, and an ice cream shop. On Tangier you need to do things early because everything closes at 5:00PM.
I asked the Channel Marker Restaurant if they would let us come at 5:30 and they said the would stay open for us. After drinks on Gypsies (Tangier is a dry town) we headed to the Channel Marker. After we walked in they promptly took down the open flag and turned off the open sign. The meal was good. We had fresh soft shell crab and crab dip. The next day we decided we would walk (Cassie and Godiva don't ride bikes) to the beach we saw as we came into Tangier harbor. It was a long walk, but we saw more of the town on the way. The beach was nice, but the horse flies were hungry, so we stayed for a short time, playing with the girls in the water, and headed back to the boat. Tammy and Doug stayed and later let the horse flies carry them home. We enjoyed our visit here, and there's alot to be said for the simple life in a fishing village that time has forgotten. Tangier is a great place to visit for a few days and step back in time, but I wouldn't want to live there. You really need to go to Gypsies blog and read about Tangier Island. It's a great read. If you go back up on our page look on the right side for favorite websites and blogs and click on Gypsies in the Palace then click on their blog.

September Song (back to the present) out

Crabber checking his pots as we approach Tangier

Stephanie in her helm chair enjoying a beautiful day on the Chesapeake sporting her new active captain cap. Ain't she cute

I love this lady!

Tammy purchasing a hand made map of Tangier Island for a dollar. What a bargain, it even has local recipes on it. Take a map and put a dollar in the soap box.
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The streets of Tangier Island. Bikes, golf carts, motor bikes, a few rusted out pick em up trucks and one car owned by the nurse on the Island.

The Double Six Sandwich Shop where the waterman gather at 3:00 AM for coffee and a smoke before going out to fish

The Island was settled by John Crockett in 1688 and his descendants along with the Parks and Pruitt families are still here today. The British fleet that ravaged the Chesapeake was based here. They sailed from here to near Baltimore to attack Fort McHenry. It was in this attack that the Star Spangled Banner was written
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This is where I mailed your birthday card from Kerri. When the mail boat gets here it will be on its way

Great little ice cream shop with 60's and 70's decor and music. Ice cream, gotta have ice cream!

Nothing fancy, just good fresh seafood. Be there before 5:00 because everything closes then.
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Born, grow up, fish for crabs, die, and get buried in the front yard on Tangier Island

A front yard is a place to park your golf carts and bury your family. What a different way of life

What a hoot!

No big decision here
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Views of the Waterman's Crab Shacks from our bow

This is a shove-along. The kids on Tangier push them around the marshes with poles for a day of fun on the water and in mud. Yes, they get out and explore in the mud.

Sunrise over Tangier Island
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Waterman headed out along the crab shacks with another load of pots

Waterman returning after a day of crabbing

Not much left of this guy's boat, but I guess it would have great stories to tell

I would think if he gunned it the transom would rip off
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When I last left you we were in the hula lounger tied off the aft of Gypsies getting pruny. I couldn't post to the blog until today because we have been docked at Tangier Island where there is no cell or Internet service. More about Tangier later.
We went exploring the Corrotoman River the day after our water play day and what a beautiful river it is. Gorgeous homes line the hilly shores of the river with little coves and creeks to explore and tons of wildlife. The weather was perfect and the exploring was great. That evening Gypsies joined us on September Song for Mexican night. I thought the enchiladas were great, but then I made them. We finished off the evening with margaritas on the front deck and Tammy's killer chocolate chip and a whole lot of other stuff in them cookies. What a great finish to another great day.

September Song (lets go to Tangier Island) out

Sunset, margaritas and apps on the front deck of September Song with Doug and Tammy on Mexican night.

Mexican night on September Song. OLE!!!

OK honey, can we eat now?
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Beautiful homes on the hills along the river

Quiet coves
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Wildlife along the Corrotoman River
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Monday, August 24, 2009

Corrotoman River splash

We left Urbanna Sunday morning and took the short 6 mile trip to the Corrotoman River where we found a gorgeous anchorage with a dog gone good beach. We dropped the family cars as soon as we arrived and hit the beach. The Corrotoman River is another one of those jewels in the Chesapeake with great protection, beautiful views, great places to explore in the tender, and a dog gone good beach. We spent the morning and part of the afternoon playing in the water with the girls, soaking up some rays, and sharing the beach with about 15 other boaters and three new four legged friends for Cassie and Godiva to play with. (no girls, you can't have a sleep over!) Later that afternoon we tried out Gypsies' hula lounger. A hula lounger is a big ring with four net seats and of course drink holders that is tied off the back of the boat. What a great way to enjoy the water. I call it a big kids' play pen in the water. What a perfect day! Today we are going to jump in the family cars and explore the upper reaches of the Corrotoman River. Tonight is Mexican night on September Song featuring margaritas and my killer enchiladas. Well, I think they are killer. If they aren't, the margaritas will save the night.

September Song (pruny from the water) out

View from the front deck of this gorgeous anchorage

Gypsies at anchor just off a dog gone good beach

Dad and the kids chilling out

Godiva has her own float. Can you say spoiled?
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Some of Cassie and Godiva's new friends

Gypsies and September Song at anchor on the Corrotoman River

One of the girls' new friends riding the tube

Doug and Tammy in the play pen. (Hula lounger) We joined them for an afternoon float
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