Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thanks, everyone!

This was the best birthday EVER! You all made it so special, with the calls, e-mails, messages, parties, etc., etc. I feel so very blessed with family and friends, and above all, the bestest , most wonderful husband anyone could ever find.
As a child of the '60's, I know my decade of the 60's is gonna be a great one!

Love you all,

September Song (older and wiser) out

Great party!

Stephanie's 60th Birthday party was a success. Wish all of our friends and family could have been there to enjoy the party, but we did end up with about thirty friends who made it. Those of you who couldn't make it, you were great too, with all the e-mails and phone call singing. I didn't intend it to be a surprise party, and with all the "hope you have a good time at your party tonight" e-mails and calls, she wasn't surprised that there would be a party, but she was surprised at how many of our friends came by tender, bicycle, and car. Add to that group of dock friends that haven't left yet, and it was still a surprise. The band played, the drinks flowed, the food was great, Stephanie loved it, and we all had a good time. I want to give a special thanks to our dock mate ladies for all the help in putting together a Birthday party Stephanie says she will never forget. Love you all!

September Song (Happy Birthday my love) out

What a great group of friends we have. Thanks guys for helping me make Stephanie's Birthday a special one. You're all the best.
The band I hired was really good too. Tim and Jim did a great job playing all the music Stephanie loves.
The shrimp, wings, and onion rings were really good. Especially the shrimp dipped in butter! Hey, it's OK, I'm on cholesterol meds.
My beautiful Birthday girl.
Good job with the cake, ladies!

When Stephanie blew out the candles, she drug her sun glasses through the frosting.

I quickly came to her rescue and licked it off.

Cutting the cake. The knife looked like the knife from "Psycho"

More booze!

Lots of presents from friends, including lots of booze, (I guess they know us) and some fun ones.

Stephanie, trying out her new bubble soap.

No comment!

We shared some of the birthday cake with two little people not with our party. They barely looked up from their computer games. We shared two of the three soap bubbles Stephanie got as a present with them and they put down their games and had a blast with the bubbles. Who said old fashioned fun is out of style.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The hanger-oner group. We hate to see a good party end.
This guy, not part of our group, catching fly's and ZZZZZ's
No, he's not dead. We could tell because he was still breathing. (VERY LOUDLY!)
We thought this would be a good time for a photo opp. He didn't move a muscle.