Saturday, June 5, 2010

Picture overload

After a short two hour cruise from Marsh Harbour we arrived in a beautiful anchorage just off Great Guana Cay. We will be spending a few days here as there is lots to do and see. First thing we did was put Half Note in the water, after Brianne's 11:30 breakfast on the fly bridge, (hey! she's on a vacation) and go to a beach just off our stern and play with the girls and do a little shell hunting. After taking the girls back to the boat (they will sleep all day) we headed into Great Guana. WOW, what a great place to explore. After a little exploring, we headed over to the other side of the Island on the Atlantic to Nippers. What a cool place. Brianne said we could leave her there and pick her up in a couple of days. We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the deck overlooking the "calm Atlantic", playing on the beach and in the cool blue water, enjoying a couple of cold ones, and of course, hitting the gift shop. Next we headed to Grabbers to check it out because we are going there for lunch, music and a beach party on Saturday. We may have to go back to Nippers also to play in the surf. Brianne has fallen in love with this place! She says she could live here in the Islands and is already talking about her boat. Get a good education, make lots of money, and then live your dream Brianne. After returning to September Song we enjoyed a fabulous mahi, corn on the cob, and conch salad sunset dinner on the fly bridge.
Only blogged 33 of the about 100 pictures I took. If I blogged all of them we wouldn't have time to go out and have fun and take more.

September Song (living the Island life) out

Breakfast on the fly bridge at "11:30" I guess she needs her beauty sleep, but she's already beautiful!

I wish Cassie and Godiva could take pictures. My arms aren't long enough.
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This is a beach off our stern where we spent some time playing with the girls (all three) to let Cassie and Godiva play in the water. After play time at the beach they will sleep the rest of the day.

Cassie found lots of fish at this beach and they made her crazy. She will catch one some day!

If you keep throwing it, I will bring it back. Why do they want to throw my favorite thing in the world away?

Brianne hunting shells.
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Signs pointing the way to great fun at Nippers

We stopped at the Great Guana Cay Cemetery. This grave is covered with sea glass. Way cool! "Only in the Islands."

Beautiful walk across the Island to Nippers.

Now that's a tractor! "Only in the Islands."
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Beautiful tree, but you don't want to touch it.

Enjoying the deck overlooking the Atlantic at Nippers.

Enjoying a cold one before hitting the beach.

Great gift shop at Nippers. The floors are beach sand. Been there, done that, and got the t-shirt. and then some!
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Walking down to the beach from Nippers after a cool one on the deck overlooking the Atlantic.

Life's just a walk on the beach!

That's Nippers on the sand dune. What a great place! We will be spending lots of time here. Paradise found.

Now that's a pair. What a lucky guy I am.
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What a crew!

Who's body is that under the water?

OH, it's Brianne's

We are trying to keep that beautiful smile a permanent thing while she is with us. I think she likes cruising!
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Playing in the surf.

Are we having fun yet.....still!

Great way to keep cool on a hot afternoon in the Islands.
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Who's body is that under the water? OH, that me!

The blue waters of the Atlantic.

She says she likes it her. Wants to stay forever.

Brianne leaving her footprints in the sand.
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Time flies when you are having rum!

Do you think Brianne is relaxed. this is her favorite position. I forget how much teens can sleep.

In the family car. We had a little trouble with the steering yesterday, but I found the problem and Half Note is happy again.

Mahi, corn on the Cob, and conch salad on the fly bridge at sunset. Ain't they beautiful!
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Friday, June 4, 2010

Brianne's plane at the gate. Well, maybe not a gate, just a tractor and cart for the luggage. your in the Islands mon!

Brianne coming out of customs

Did we forget to tell her it's hot here in the Islands? She will need to shed those cloths and get into shorts and a t-shirt.
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our new deck hand Brianne is here!

Our new deck hand, line handler, dish washer, dog walker, boat cleaner, laundry lady, beach bunny, shopper, and Granddaughter arrived in the Islands yesterday afternoon (well, maybe beach bunny, shopper, and Granddaughter. We will teach her the rest.) to spend a few weeks with us cruising and exploring on September Song. She came on a one way ticket, so we don't know when we will send her home. I guess when she gets tired of us. Last night we went to dinner at a funky place on the water and toasted her graduation from high school. The drinking age is 18 here in the Islands so we all had a goombay smash. (she only had one Mom) Congrats Brianne, we are proud of you!
Today we did some provisioning in the morning(a long, looong walk to the stores) took the stuff back to the boat, then hit a great restaurant for lunch. We introduced Brianne to some of the Island foods. After lunch we hit just about, Well, I think all the stores in the area. (hey, a girl needs some Island cloths) After shopping we headed back to the boat, put on our suits, and hit the marina pool. (best place to chill out for the rest of the afternoon)
Tomorrow we head out to Great Guana Cay where there are lots of beaches, snorkeling, and just plain fun.
We will be anchored out so I don't know if we will have Internet, so if you don't hear from us in a day or two you will know why.

September Song (Great Guana here we come) out

The ladies decided they wanted a new captain because the old one (me) makes them walk to far for his Captain Morgan. ARRRRGH!!!!

Two beauties waiting for me to take them to dinner

Brianne and her first goombay smash. (she only had one Mom!)
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