Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stuck in Rock Hall MD.

We are docked at Haven Harbor Marina where we are waiting for four new house batteries that will be here Friday morning. (we hope) We were having a problem with our house batteries (these are the ones that we run everything on at anchor) heating up so I did a load test and found one out of the eight 160 pound monsters bad. We arrived at Haven Harbor Sunday and an electrician came to the boat Monday to check the other seven out. Battery Doctor says 4 need to be replaced. (YUUUK!!!) Each battery cost about the same as ten car batteries. (DOUBLE YUUUK!!!) The batteries won't be here until Friday so I will catch up on some maintenance things on September Song and enjoy Rock Hall. 1.88 Captain and coke and 35 cent wings at happy hour is about the only good deal we will get this week. If we have to be stuck, I guess Rock Hall is better than most.

September Song (there are worse places to be stuck) out

This is one of the things kids do for fun on a sailboat. Not many kids have a swing set like this.

This is the only bridge that crosses the 150 mile long Chesapeake Bay.

Sunday on the Chesapeake can be busy. No, the radar doesn't have the measles. All the red dots on the radar screen are other boats.
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We are in the land of sailboats. 250 slips in Haven Harbor, Rock Hall Maryland, and we and Gypsies are only a couple of the few power boats in here. I'm not sure why they let us stink potters in with all these rag baggers. I guess our money is as green as theirs.

September Song is at the end of this dock with nothing but sailboats all around her. She feels like she doesn't belong. We assured her that she is still the biggest and best boat in the marina and all the others are envious. She felt better after I told her that.
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