Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fun times, but a sad day

Before I get started I need to let you know that the pictures you see on these posts are not from our camera. It's on the fritz! They are from Tide Hiker and Gypsies. We found a new one, but they were out of stock. We will have to rely on Norm and Vicki's until we get a new one.
Today, Thursday, we left the FREE wall in Cambridge Maryland. (did I mention we like FREE) We had a wonderful, great, and fabulous time the last three days with Gypsies (our buddy boat since the end of March) and Tide Hiker, (great cruising friends for three years and now a South bound buddy boat) but we had to say goodbye to Gypsies today because they are headed North to Baltimore where they will spend the next four weeks taking a first responder class and Tammy is going to finish up on her Captains license. It was a sad end to a great three days and a fabulous 6 months of cruising, playing, and in general enjoying cruising life together. We will miss them terribly and hope to see them around Thanksgiving down South. If you have been following our blogs since our Bahamas trip until now, I'm sure you will agree. "We will miss you guys!!!!"
Now let me fill you in on some of what we have been doing the last few days. When we left Pickering Creek we stopped about one hour South of Cambridge and anchored for the night. The next morning we headed into Cambridge Yacht Basin where we spent the day cleaning the boat, doing laundry, filling the water tanks, and waiting for Gypsies and Tide Hiker to arrive. That afternoon Gypsies came into the Free Dock and later in the day Tide Hiker arrived and tied behind them. (we moved over the next day) That evening we got to meet Vicki's Mom, Avie, and had great Tammy apps, drinks, Vickie's wonderful lentil soup, and Stephanie's delicious turtle brownies. You would think we all would weigh three hundred pounds by now, but you get lots of exercise cruising. It was so great to meet Avie and get together with cruising friends. What a great time we had catching up. I think Vicki's Mom thinks we are all a little crazy, but then she fit right in after about two seconds. The next day we were given a truck to use by friends of Norm and Vicki, Ann and Rich, who are also cruisers, but not full time. It was me and the four ladies off to West Marine, the liquor store, Lowes, Sears, Target, the grocery store, and God only knows where else. when you are cruising, you need to take full advantage of a vehicle when you have it. That evening the seven of us got together for happy hour and apps (Tammy's delicious hot crab dip and a wonderful cheese Stephanie picked up at the Gourmet store earlier) on the front deck of September Song. From there it was to the fly bridge for Stephanie's fabulous crab cakes made with the jimmies I caught a couple days before, then back to the front deck to enjoy the evening and play pass around the coconut Pie (compliments of Vicki) and mango bars (complements of Tammy) and teach Avie how it is done in the Islands Mon. (or should I say Mom) It didn't take her long to catch on when I handed her the pie and a fork and she said "is this is mine, where is yours?"
OOPS!! When cruising you lose track of the days. It was the next day we used the truck. Oh well! Two days ago was one day ago and today is today, I think. That's what happens when you don't need to know what day it is, or maybe it's the fact that I turned sixty last month. Who knows? I sure don't. Now where was I? Oh, yesterday when we used the truck. When we returned, unloaded, and sat down for ten minutes, it was time to dress for dinner. (now let's see, which Hawaiian shirt should I wear tonight?) Ann and Richard joined the seven of us for dinner after apps and drinks at the picnic table next to the boats (compliments of the county) at a wonderful Italian restaurant in town where we had way too much fun and way too much wine. After the evening was over we all walked back to the boats knowing it was going to be a long time before we would see Doug and Tammy again, so it was pretty quiet. Today, after saying our goodbyes, we all cast off our lines, Gypsies headed North and September Song and Tide Hiker headed South. A sad start to a beautiful calm day on the Chesapeake. It isn't all bad because we are going to try to hook up down south somewhere for Thanksgiving. It just seems so weird not seeing Gypsies behind us. September Song and Tide Hiker are anchored in a beautiful little spot for the night and we will leave tomorrow morning, weather permitting. We love Norm and Vicki just as much, But the Dynamic Duo have been together, through thick and thin, skinny and deep, rough and calm for the last six months together and enjoyed all of it.
September Song (you will be missed) out

September Song, Tide Hiker, and Gypsies in the Palace tied to the FREE wall in front of the county building in downtown Cambridge

A view of the three beautiful yachts from the bridge
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Vicki trying out the "Good Shit" I'm sorry, that's what is is labeled as, "Good Shit" For more info on the Good Shit and other products read Gypsies blog. It's a hoot

Filling our plates! Do we have fun or what?

Ready to chow down on Stephanie's fabulous crab cakes. (all crab, no filler) About 3 Jimmy's gave their lives for each crab cake

Happy hour and apps on the front deck. What a gorgeous evening. Avie, Vicki's Mom, only took about a nano second to fit into the cruising life. (what a great lady) Love that hot crab dip of Tammy's! But we will still miss her more than all her great apps
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Passing the pie and Tammy's mango bars on the front deck of September Song

Avie, Vicki's Mom, learning the fine art of our Bahamian way of eating pie. Take a bite and keep passing it around. No need for plates, you just get a fork. (we are so bad!)

Godiva also tried it on

I wore the pie cover in honor of Todd. If you remember, Todd wore the pie cover with a fork on the back to communicate with the outside world at a poolside party in the Bahamas.
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The group having picnic table happy hour before dinner.
The mosaic in the women's bathroom that the restaurant is famous for. Who knew? Don't pay any attention to the woman's feet reflecting in the mirror. (made ya look!)
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