Saturday, July 18, 2009

Life's a beach

Today we loaded up the tenders with the bikes, coolers, back packs, and beach chairs and headed for the dingy dock. When we arrived at the dingy dock, we unloaded the bikes, put them together, loaded the coolers and back packs on the bikes, strapped the beach chairs to our backs and headed for the beach. WHEW! It's alot of work to go to the beach. Okracoke beach is one of the top five beaches in the world, and we weren't disappointed. There were alot of people at the beach, but the beach is about 12 miles long and wide, wide, wide, so it didn't seem crowded. We had a great time playing in the surf (especially Tammy our beach and water baby) watching the surfers, sticking our toes in the sand, and soaking up some of the NC sun. Tomorrow we are going to go back and bring the boogy board with us (one more thing to load) and play in the huge waves. Look for us on the 6 o'clock news tomorrow night. "Rescue at Ocracoke Beach". On the way back to the boats, we stopped part way at Howard's Pub for a couple of cold ones and a cheeseburger to replenish our liquids and replenish our strength for the rest of the trip home. HEY! What did you expect, we still had over a half mile to go. I will take pictures tomorrow, but I worn you, it could be ugly. BOOGY!!!

September Song (beach bumming it) out

Stormy, leaving Ocracoke, headed back to Manteo. See you in Manteo next week

Birds on an island just off the coast of Ocracoke

The birds were going crazy because it is a nesting area, so we took a couple pictures and left

September Song at anchor in Silver Lake Harbor, Ocracoke
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Ocracoke Lighthouse

Looking up from the bottom. Can't show you looking down because it is closed to visitors

Another batch of clams out of the oven and ready to be cleaned for clam chowder. YUUM!

You need alot of stuff to go to the beach. we look like pack animals
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Biiiig waves at the beach

Doug and Tammy playing in the waves

We found this kite in the dunes. It flies great

The view down Ocracoke beach
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Life is a beach

I think this is a big one Tammy!

Too late. If you look close you will see Tammy in the middle of the picture engulfed in the wave

There's a little kid somewhere under that hat
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Friday, July 17, 2009

Ocracoke, here we come!

We departed Morehead City after a delay of one day because of storms in the area. Not a problem because our schedule is, "we have no schedule, and we are sticking to it". Tuesday night we anchored out in a beautiful little creek named Big Creek. (Hmmm) Wednesday we left the anchorage early and headed for Ocracoke NC. on the Outer Banks. We arrived early that afternoon and anchored in Silver Lake, a harbor in the middle of Ocracoke with 360 degree protection. Ocracoke is a fishing village and popular tourist destination for the summer. We had heard and read alot about Ocracoke and couldn't wait to put Half Note in the water and go explore the harbor and get an overview of the town. After our 360 tour of the harbor we docked Half Note at the aft of Stormy, a beautiful 57 flush deck DeFever owned by Dave and Penny Stormont. Dave and two friends, Ben and Rod, came here for a few days of fishing. The three of them were out fishing when we tied up, so it was off for a walking tour of the town. Ocracoke is a charming place with lots of non chain (they keep it that way) stores, restaurants, fish markets and of course, funky waterside bars Also Ocracoke has one of the top five beaches in the world. I think we will be here for a few days with so much to explore. When we returned to Stormy, Dave, Ben and Rod had returned from a successful fishing trip and were enjoying a huge bowl of peel and eat shrimp, corn, and baked beans. The great host Dave is, he invited us to sit down, have a cool one and help them eat some shrimp. Weellll, OK! after everyone had their fill of shrimp, the bowl was still half full (it was a huge bowl) and we ate alot of shrimp. After sharing some Exumas stories (yes Penny, you need to see the Exumas next year) we made plans for Dave to take us out to the clam fields and hunt for clams on Thursday. As Steve Koch would say, YA BABY!
Thursday we headed out to hunt down dinner. We weren't disapointed. It was a blast. After Dave showed us how to find them, we waded around in knee to waist deep water with our trusty clam rakes and filled a five gallon bucket half way with clams. What a great day! Thanks Dave! As you can see from the pictures, Cassie and Godiva had a great time also. After returning to September Song, Stephanie started the process of cooking, opening, and extracting the delectable little guys. (a labor of love) That evening Gypsies came over (Tammy brought a delicious appetizer and key lime pie) and we pigged out on linguine and clam sauce and a special treat, Tammy's key lime pie. Life doesn't get any better than this. What a great day!

September Song (the Clammer) out

Our departure to Ocracoke was delayed by weather. A good reason to stay in port one more day

Another form of transportation to Ocracoke Island. These huge ferries carry people, supplies, vehicles, (including RVs and campers) and delivery trucks
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Shrimper in Pamlico Sound

Birds hitching a ride while waiting for the shrimper to raise his nets so they can have lunch

Gypsies following us to Ocracoke in Pamlico Sound

Pelicans looking on as we pass
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Cool sign, cold beer inside. Well, it was hot out!

Favorite mode of transportation on the Island. Peddle power

I'm glad Cassie and Godiva didn't see this sign. do you suppose they have a pool?

Here's to arriving in Osracoke!
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Our friends Dave and Penny Stormont's boat Stormy, docked in Ocracoke

Play time for Cassie and Godiva in the clam field

Now if I could just teach them to hunt clams

Doug, The clam slayer!
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The clam hunter

Aren't they beautiful
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Monday, July 13, 2009

Docked in Morehead City, NC

Friday, we made our way (10 1/2 hour trip!) to Morehead City and docked at Sanitary Fish Market. Basic docks - no electric or water, but only $10. We like cheap. Rick and Lynnie on Rickshaw make MHC their home port. Rick and Lynnie are our friends from the DeFever Cruisers Club that we spent time with in the Exumas. It's always great to meet up with cruising friends and play catch-up. We met them for pizza across the street. Then on Saturday, we moved over to their marina, Morehead City Yacht Basin. Rick and Lynnie ferried us around town doing errands and took us to a great New York Deli for lunch. I know, we're not in New York, but the owner is from New York, and knows how to make a great pastrami on rye. Reminded me of the Deli across the street from the World Trade Center. I'm sure it's not there anymore.

Saturday afternoon Gypsies came in (they spent one extra day in Wrightsville Beach for a beach day) and the six of us went to dinner on Atlantic Beach. It was great, as always, to spend some time with Rick and Lynnie. Their plan is to head to the Chesapeake aboard Rickshaw later this summer, so I'm sure we will meet-up again.
Sunday afternoon the four of us took the marina loaner car over to Beaufort, (pronounced bowfort) did the tourist thing and hit the shops along the waterfront, then toured three bars where we had a few cold ones and appetizers for dinner. You probably think that's all we do is look for funky bars. I can tell you, that is another great way to get a flavor of a town and meet some of the locals, ie; Backstreet Pub where everyone knows your name. Besides, we were thirsty!
Today it is raining and thundering. It's expected to be that way all day, so we are going to stay one more day here before we head to Ocracoke on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We will try to stay out of the bars today, but I make no promises.

September Song (chilling out in Morehead City) out

Home along the ICW. Can you say huge?

Another home along the ICW. Can you say huge and PINK?

Another home along the ICW in the middle of the marshlands. As we passed they entertained us with weird banjo music. Can you say Billy Bob?

270 miles to the Chesapeake. We are going to take a different route and explore the Outer Banks first
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Camp LeJeune along the ICW. Incoming! Oh, the light isn't flashing. I hope the light's not burned out

Things they shoot at
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