Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Wye River

We left Fells Point, and headed to one of our favorite anchorages on the Wye River. The Wye is a tributary to the Chesapeake named after the Wye River in Wales. Wye Island is a 2800 acre, and is National Resourse Management area. With it's secluded anchorages, (we are the only one in ours)  great crabbing, (HUGE ONES!) lots of places to explore, wildlife, places for the girls to play in the water, and its natural beauty, it's one of our favorites.
We will be here one more day, then head to Solomon's Island.

September Song (loving the Wye River) out

Sharing the Chesapeake with the big guys.

The lighthouse, at the entrance to the Wye River.

Beautiful homes on large acreages, as we head up the Wye.

More and more trees are taking on their fall colors. Our time is getting short up here. We would stay to see them all change, but there's a chill in the air, so it's time to start working our way South in the next couple of weeks.
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Cassie and Godiva, fishing for crabs with Dad, waiting for the first crab.

How do you fish for cabs you say. 15 foot of string, a piece of chicken, throw it out and wait. When the string starts to move, you pull it in slowly, the crab hangs on to the surface, and you dip it out with a net. You would think the crab would let go when you pull it in, but they are so intent on eating the chicken, that they are still hanging onto the chicken, even after you net them.

The girls think this is fun.

One more in the bucket. When it gets half full, Stephanie starts cooking, and I start picking.......And grinning.
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Now those are big crabs!

When we get to the beach, Godiva takes a sand bath.

Cassie has finally found a toy she loves. I think it's because it squeaks. I think she finally figured out that she can't catch a fish.
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Godiva, rolling in the grass. I think she is smiling!

Out exploring on the tender.

While we were out exploring, we saw six eagles.

Sunset on the Wye River. It is so beautiful here!
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Baltimore, MD

We left our beautiful anchorage on the Sassafras River, and headed to Baltimore, MD. Baltimore is another one of our favorite stops while in the Chesapeake, and our most favorite area of Baltimore is historic Fells Point. Fells Point was founded in 1730, long before Baltimore was a city. Fells Point has had a large Irish and Polish population over the years, and has few chain restaurants. Most of the restaurants, stores, and 130 pub/bars, are locally owned. If you hit every restaurant and pub/bar, it would take at least a year to hit them all. We hit a few, and they were all fun, especially the pubs. We took a three mile walking tour, and from the cobblestone streets to the beautiful old buildings, it's a great place to explore. What's not to love about Fells Point!

September Song (we will be back, Fells Point) out

Crabbers, out checking their pots as we made our way to Baltimore.

As you come into Baltimore harbor, you pass this buoy that is the spot where Francis Scott Key wrote the National Anthem.

A hospital ship, docked in Baltimore Harbor.

Fins for wind generators, stacked in front of a wind generator factory in Baltimore. If you look at the right side of the picture, you can see a semi parked next to the fins. This gives you and idea of how huge these things are.
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The day after we arrived, a cold front and a warm front met. We had winds of 59.3 MPH. Sure glad we were tied to a dock. I can't believe the people that don't prepare for a storm in marinas. Bimini tops gone, and stuff left on the docks are no longer there. We don't worry about September Song because we prepare. The thing we worry about is the stuff flying off the other boats and docks, and the sailboat floating free in the harbor.

The old buildings in Fells Point.

They left out the first part on this pub sign!
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This one is for you Di. (Aurora) One of Di's favorite sayings.

Yes Tammy, we hit One Eyed Mikes, one of your favorites.

Old buildings and cobblestone streets.

Beautiful old homes on our walking tour.
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Trash is always a problem in harbors. This machine cruises around and collects trash from the water, including all the stuff that blew of the docks during the storm.

Now that's a Maryland blue crab!

To save the old architecture, they brace up the face, tear down what's behind it, and rebuild behind it, saving the old city charm.

Coal fired pizza. The oven is so hot, that it only takes 90 seconds to bake.
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