Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finding time

I don't think this blog is in the order of when it happened, but at least I finally got it done. I started it this morning, but then I needed to finish a project I started yesterday, then it was so beautiful and warm out and the pool was calling us, so we had to go for a swim. After our swim we got a burger and a beer at the pool side Tiki Bar. Trust me, I'm not complaining. Life couldn't get much better than this, but I do enjoy blogging and sharing our cruising life with you, (well, dock life until March 10th when we leave Marathon) but it seems like there is so much going on it's hard to find the time to blog. Today we decided to take the day off and not go to Key Weird with Jay and Nancy. Tomorrow it's a BBQ at a cruising friends house South from here, Thursday it's back to Sparky's Landing for prime rib and some great music, and Friday is still open, but I'm sure it will fill in before then, and Saturday is the huge annual Nautical Flea Market, and don't forget about those boat chores, and, well you get the picture.
If there are a few extra days between blogs, don't worry, you will be the first to know if we need bail money.

September Song (I'll always find time to fit you in) out

Stephanie, Helen, Paul, Sue and Don

Hi Julia!

Mary is a local we met last year. I think she loves Joe. Everyone loves Joe!

There's always room for Jello.
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Fire dancer at the Sunset Bar and Grill

Oh no, not jello shots!

The Brass Monkey is a local haunt where things don't get started until 10:30. No, not AM, PM. Needless to say we were there after 10:30. The four local girls in the picture came in around 11:30 and the one second from the left was getting married the next day. What a wild and crazy group. Tattoo anyone. What a lucky guy!?

Fun at the Brass Monkey with cruising friends Rick, Therese, Tom and Linda.
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Friends from last year (Jay, Nancy, William III, Judy, Bob, and Katie) arrived in Marathon Wednesday afternoon, the day before we headed to the Miami Boat Show, and we all got together on September Song for happy hour. It was great to see them again. OMG, now the real party can begin.

Sunset over the mooring field in Marathon.

We do get a little culture in our lives from time to time. The Marathon Art Festival is always a big event.

Stephanie with Tiki Doug from Key West at the Festival. I bought a necklace just like the one he is wearing. Hand carved bone hook. It is for prosperity and safety at sea. Way cool!
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We finally got to tour the boat "Jolly Good" that our good friends Steve and Di captained for six months. What a gorgeous boat!

I need to find hats like this for Cassie and Godiva.

We got back to Marathon Sunday afternoon and an hour later we were enjoying a night of stone crab claws, blue point oysters, music, and fun with some of our dock friends. We need to take Monday night off!!!

And we ate the whole thing!
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I started this blog this morning while drinking my coffee and enjoying a gorgeous morning, but took a break to finish installing my new removable (don't want to look like a sport fish when not catching the big ones) out riggers that I started yesterday. Look out mahi, tuna, and wahoo.

Sorry! It was such a beautiful day, we decided to go for a swim and a burger and a beer at the poolside tiki bar. Now it's time to relax with a captain and Coke and finish this blog.
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If you don't wear six inch heals in South Beach, you're not in. I got rid of mine when we moved onto September Song. Oh well! Where can we find funky, not flashy on Miami Beach?

Pool shark Stephanie. From South Beach to the VFW.

Cheap drinks, pool table, jukebox, and good friends. We have fun where ever we get together. Lost track of time and all of a sudden it was 1:30 AM. To secure the purchase of the land the VFW was sitting on to build the beautiful high rise we stayed in that overlooks Miami, the developer gave the VFW the second floor for a dollar. In this gorgeous posh building you walk into the VFW on the second floor and it looks like every other smoke filled beer drinking VFW in the US.
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Lots of stuff to look at and buy, but these two were best in show.

A million square feet of display area not including the in water boats. My feet hurt!

Guy Harvey in the flesh and pressing the flesh.

New tender for September Song? Turkish built with an aircraft engine. I don't think other cruisers in an anchorage would think it was so cool when we fired up the engine.
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View of the Miami lights from our balcony at Stephanie's nephew's apartment. Sean moved in with his girlfriend while we were there during the Miami Boat Show. Thanks Sean!

Our view of Miami and the cruise ships in port at sunrise.

Miami at sunset.
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