Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weeere baaack!

We left Friday morning from Georgia for Sarasota where we left September Song for a few days while we took take care of some business. On the way back we took a side trip to visit our condo in Green Cove Springs, Florida.
Our condo is on the 9th floor #4865. Well, maybe not so big but it is where our mail is delivered to, they send it to us when we let them know our next port.
Today we took the rental car back (no more wheels) after a trip to the liquor store for some last minute things we needed for our trip. (just can't have enough spiced rum) After returning to the marina we walked to town and found a great Farmers Market going on and then had to hit Whole Foods. (food store Disneyland) If we put any more provisions on September Song I will have to raise the water line. Tomorrow, Sunday, we are going to chill for the day before our four day trip to Marathon where we will meet up with Lucky Stars and Gypsies in the palace and look for a weather window to cross to the Bahamas. (can't wait)

September Song (good to be back) out

Our condo in Green Cove Springs. 9th floor, not much of a view, but very quiet neighbors
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Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Flash

Who was that? I don't know, but he sure was fast. I saw him in the helm chair but before I could get a good picture, he ran out the pilot house door. Don't look Mabel! Too late. I tried to get the NASSAU moon shot shot as he ran to the front deck! No luck. He ran down the side deck and I couldn't get the camera up in time. Before I knew it he disappeared on the marina docks. Applause erupted from the people on their boats, well, maybe more laughs and pointing than clapping. In a moment it was all over and the deed was done. Too late, this moment in time was over. Wish you were here. (who was that guy anyway?)

September Song (they called him the flash) out, way out! (THANK GOD)
The Photographer
(see Tide Hiker's blog)

Who is that at the helm and what is he wearing?

I tried to get his picture but he ran out the pilot house door

He headed for the front deck but ducked down before I could get the picture

Sorry! I'll do better next time
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