Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fish on, FISH ON!!!

We said goodbye to Black Point Thursday morning and fished our way about twelve miles to Cambridge Cay where we spent two days beaching, Diving, and just having fun in a remote area. The fishing has been the best we have had. Caught dolphin on the way to Cambridge Cay and today on the way to Warderick Wells I had two on at once. That is the first time that has happened, and what a thrill. I am sitting here on the porch of the Exumas Land and Sea Park office catching up on e-mail and blogs, but its time to go out and play. We will have Internet for a few days and will try to keep the pictures coming. Cassie and Godiva are waiting to go to the beach so I gotta go.
September Song (The mahi slayer) out

One of the beaches at Cambridge Cay

Watching the sun set from the upper deck after a mahi dinner. Another beautiful end to a perfect day
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In the water

In the boat

The freezer is getting full
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Hello from Black Point

We are here at Great Guana Cay, Black Point, Exumas. I am sitting here at Loraine's blogging after another beautiful day and waiting for one of Lorain's famous Bahamian dinners. Tomorrow we head to Cambridge Cay which is in the Exumas Land and Sea park, the largest land and sea park in the world. The weather is going to be great for fishing so we are going to go on the outside and fish on the way to the park. The dolphin are schooling and everyone is catching fish. Wish us luck! We will be out of touch for a few days so keep checking back for our next Internet connection.

September Song (gone fishin) out

Godiva taking a roll in the sand at Black Point

Sea Glass Beach

Joe and Stephanie hunting sea glass
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The new addition to Lorraines family since last year. (Joshua, 8 months old)

What a cute kid!

Bahamian sail boats being built

All the kids dress in uniform for school. Too cute!
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A face only a mother could love

The swimming pigs at Big Major. Lets go fishing for pork.
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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Well, it's almost 9 PM and we still haven't been able to post photos. We're leaving in the AM for Cambridge Cay. It will be a few days until we have Internet again, so we'll try to catch up then. Sorry to leave you hanging....

September Song ( stuffed from Lorraine's cooking...) out


Me hanging our September Song burgee

Our burgee (September Song Yacht Club) hanging in Staniel Cay Yacht Club

Joe and the local constable. Joe gave him NYPD flag pin.

Julia waiting for the plane and having her last rum punch (well, maybe more than one) before she leaves the Islands

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pinch me Mon!

The weather has been great, the water is gorgeous, the beaches are fabulous, the rum punch is delicious, the diving is picture perfect, the conch are Delicious, the dolphin are scrumpcious, the music is fun, and we are having a blast. Life doesn't get any better than this. Just missing a few of our boating buddies. Wish you were here!

September Song (am I in heaven?) out

The parking lot at Staniel Cay


Ice cream, gotta have ice cream!

Beautiful fish

Let sleeping sharks lie
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Below sea level

Beautiful blue coral

Back from Thunderball Cave.

Julia's first Exumas sunset on the front deck of September Song
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Exploring the Island by golf cart

This way, that way? The Bahama way Mon!

One of our favorite views from the cliffs at Staniel
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View of the Atlantic from the cliffs

View of Thunderball Cave. The one on the left.

I guess you could call it a Grocery Store
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