Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

After we returned from our Key Weird Christmas in Key West with Doug and Tammy, it was time to take a couple of days off. It didn't take long to get back in the swing of things and get ready for a fun New Years Eve with 24 of our cruising friends at Dockside, the bar/ restaurant here at our marina. Cassie and Godiva have been so good about Mom and Dad spending a lot of time away from September Song partying, so it was time for some Mom and Dad time at the beach and snuggle time. They said thanks, and we were given the OK to go out again. "If we get treats when you get back!"
Well, the fun continues here in Marathon with our cruising friends with a pre-New Years party at Dockside, New Years Eve with 24 cruising friends, New Years Day dock party, and Sunday night jam session at Dock Side. Does it ever stop? I hope not.

September Song (Happy New Year) out

More cruising friends coming in. Dan and Kris came in on New Years Eve.

"Take us to the beach Mom and Dad!"

Godiva on a long chase.
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Happy girl!

Cassie on the hunt for fish.

Godiva loves to play catch.
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Another night of great music at Dockside.

The band dog. Jack. I don't know how he can sleep with a drum playing in his ear.

Dan, DAN!
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Mary is a special lady. She wasn't with our group, but is a regular at Dockside. She and her husband came to Marathon each winter. Her husband died a few years ago. She still comes to Marathon each season. She says  she is looking for a 'good" male friend. She is such a fun lady. I hope she finds one.

Tony, the new owner, had fresh Maine lobster flown in for the party. YUM!

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This gal made it her mission to kiss every person at Dockside on New Years eve. I hope no one had a cold or the flu!

Phred's ready and willing!

Everyone was in a PARTY MOOD!

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Ok ladies!

We were all glad that it was a short walk back to our boats.

Not wanting the party to end, we all got together for a dock party on New Years Day.

Not wanting the party to end, we went to Dockside for Sunday Night Jam at Dockside. This is a friend of ours that plays a great sax.
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Our group on New Years Eve.

I'll kiss the one in the center at midnight..

Yep, yep, yep! That's the one.
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The last sunset of 2011 over the harbor in Marathon.
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