Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Richmond, Va.

Richmond is a great city with lots of places to explore and tons of history. We only scratched the surface on our day trip of this beautiful city, the Capitol of Virginia.

View of the City of Richmond,Va

The Capitol. Would you believe in this day an age you can walk right up to the front door.

The rapids of the James River through Richmond

Great place to spend the day enjoying the water.
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I have never seen so many huge gorgeous historic homes and buildings in my entire life, including Savannah, Ga. They go on for miles.

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If a man was a historic person in the South, you will find a statue of him somewhere in the city.

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All this exploring makes a person hot, hungry, and real thirsty, so we made a stop at the Tobacco Bar for a late lunch and a cold one.

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We left Richmond on Tuesday and returned to the Chickahominy River where we anchored on our way to Richmond. Because this is such a beautiful spot we decided to spend a couple of days at anchor and play in the water, do a little more exploring, and enjoying this beautiful river before heading to Kings Mill.

View along the river on our way back down the James

The Queen keeping cool on her float

Great way to spend the afternoon on a hot (upper 90's) day
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