Saturday, July 12, 2008

Vera's White Sands Resort

We made the trip to Vera's for a late lunch (lupper) after playing on an island beach about the size of our boat. Sorry, forgot the camera. Vera's was to say the least an unusual place. There was alot of memorabilia from Vera including a few paintings of Vera including a nude when she was younger. I took a picture of it but it might be a little risque for the blog. (sorry guys) We went exploring and enjoyed the beautiful weather and views. Not much to report, just another beautiful day on the water.

September Song out


Inside Vera's

Plastic palms

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Wildlife on the creek

Visitors at the girls beach

Nice boat house

The end
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Friday, July 11, 2008

St. Leonards Creek

St Leonards Creek is off the Patuxent River which is the river Solomons is on. The trip only took 2 hours, but what a beautiful two hours. Gorgeous homes, lots of little coves and creeks, and flat calm waters. After we arrived we set the hook (what a team we are) shut things down, and had lunch on the aft deck and enjoyed the new back door view. One thing about a boat, if you don't like the neighborhood or view just weigh the anchor (still 55 Lbs.) and move. After lunch we put Half Note in the water and the girls and I went to the beach. After the beach we went exploring and found Vera's White Sands Restaurant a short distance up the river. Vera's is done in South Seas style and Vera was (she passed away a couple years ago) quite flamboyant and eccentric. We are going to take our limo (Half Note) there for lunch tomorrow. I will tell you all about it in my next blog.
Time to close for today, the sun is setting and its time to enjoy the evening on the aft deck
September Song out (on the aft deck)

Homes along the river

coves along the river

Our boarding party
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View from the pilot house

The girls new beach yo explore

Another view from the aft deck

View of the anchorage as we arrive
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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Solomons Island

It is 9:15PM and the weather tonight is absolutely perfect. I had to drag myself in from the aft deck to do this blog. (but you are all worth it) We arrived at Spring Cove Marina around 11:30 after leaving the anchorage at Smith's Creek and went to the fuel dock before going to our slip and took on 675 gallons of gold, or you would think diesel is gold for what they charge for it. As I said before, Solomons is a big first stop for cruisers on the Chesapeake. There are about 20 Marinas and Yacht Clubs in a very small area not including the restaurant docks. A very busy area. After the big bite at the fuel dock, we headed out on our bikes and found the tourist shopping area and a great seafood restaurant called Stoney's, and had what this area is famous for, crab cakes and soft shelled crab. The crab cakes were mostly crab with very little filler and the soft shelled crab was one of the best I have ever had. Stoney's was not just a little over priced, it was allot over priced, but very very good. Today we headed out on (we need to name our bikes) our bikes to West Marine to check it out, (can't go into a West Marine without buying something) and another great specialty grocery store called Woodburn's Gourmet Market for some provisions. One of the things we bought were 2 floats for hanging out in the water when we are at anchor. :-) Tomorrow we head out for another anchorage not to far from here for the week end. We love to anchor and explore and the cost is zero.

See you at the anchorage,
September Song out

Tuesday night t-bones on the fly bridge, YUM

Solomons waterfront on the Chesapeake

You do the math, ouch!
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Smith Creek anchorage

The anchorages just keep getting better and better. Smith Creek is a great little spot at the mouth of the Potomac with lots of coves to explore and great beaches to take the girls to play in the water. We arrived at 11:30 after an only 30 mile trip. After setting the anchor, we had lunch on the fly bridge, then it was time for a short nap before going to the beach and exploring in Half Note. It would take a video camera to get a real feel of the beauty of this area. This trip has been so great, I just wish everyone could experience it. (not enough room on the boat for all of you). Stephanie just got out a couple of t-bone steaks so I need to finish for now and move to the fly bridge and do my thing on the grill.

September Song (smell the steaks?) out

September Song at anchor on Smith Creek

View from the pilot house

Another view from the pilot house

The dog gone good beach
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Waterman boats

Fun on the beach

Throw the ball dad

I want the one behind your back Mom
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Monday, July 7, 2008

Up the hill ( Big hills)

Historic old homes

Leonardtown historic site

Back down the hill (Big hills)
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The trip to Leonardtown was very scenic as most of this area is, with farms, beautiful homes, hills and wildlife. I have never seen so many ospreys and we have also seen eagles. Not much going on in Leonardtown. Walked around town, saw some beautiful old homes and had lunch (home grown) in a local cafe. We decided it was time to go back to the boat, pick up the girls, and go play on the beach. Throw the ball, dad. look at all the fish to chase dad. throw the ball dad. Tomorrow we weigh the anchor (about 55 lbs.) and head for our next anchorage in Smith Creek, then on to Solomons Island, one of the big stops for Chesapeake cruisers.

A good day was had by all
September Song out

Farm along the river to Leonardtown

Babies ready to leave the nest

Mom or dad not liking us to close

I guess Leonard's not here anymore
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Monday July 7Th at anchor

Sunday we decided to move on to Breton Bay just off Protestant Point where we anchored on the way up the Potomac. The beaches are much better for the girls to play in the water. The water was glass smooth for the trip of about 5 hours and the weather was cool. Today we are going to take Half Note (the tender) up the river and explore the little town of Lenard Town. (maybe we will get to meet Lenard) I promise I will take pictures. It is great to be at anchor, get up, turn on the Today Show, (yes, we have sat. TV) sip on a cup of coffee, read my e-mail, have a leisurely breakfast and get ready for another great day on the water.

Time to take my shower (yes we have hot water)
September Song at anchor and out

Don't burn my steak (their grill was on fire)
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