Friday, August 27, 2010

Time for a break

What has twelve legs, four arms, and on the hook? Give up? That would be Me, Stephanie, Cassie and Godiva anchored at one of our favorite places, Blackbeard Island.
We decided that it was time to take a little time off from boat and house work and cruise to an anchorage we haven't been to in three years. Blackbeard Island is one of the best kept secret anchorages I know of. It's only two and one half hours from our home dock and we can only come in at high tide through a nine mile creek that winds through beautiful marshlands with tons of wildlife behind Blackbeard Island. When you get to the end it opens up to an anchorage that has a sand dune that is the only thing separating you from the Atlantic and a beach that goes on forever. When we are here it seems like the rest of the world is a thousand miles away. Just us, the beach, creeks to explore, tons of wildlife, the only light is our anchor light at night, and billions of stars to gaze at. The only thing I didn't tell you is that the ghost of Blackbeard roams the Island at night guarding his treasure. Did I mention that word has it that he has treasure hidden somewhere on the Island. You don't dare to look for it because if you find it, it's the gangplank for sure. ARRR!!!

September Song (ARRR!) out

Entering Blackbeard Island National Wildlife Refuge.

The eight mile winding creek that we can only go in and out of at high tide.

Now that's a beach. Nine miles long and one hundred yards wide and no one there but us.
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Godiva taking a roll in the sand. Happy puppy!

Cassie chasing the birds on the beach. Happy puppy!

Godiva playing in the surf

The sand dune that is between us in the anchorage and the Atlantic with a nine mile beach that we have all to ourselves. Well, except for the fish and birds.
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