Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fun in the Keys

We always enjoy our time in the Keys during our winter layover from cruising. One of the events that we always look forward to is the Key West Seafood Festival. It doesn't take much of an excuse to go to Key Weird. We know a trip to Key Weird is always a party day, so we always have a DD. No, not a drunk driver, but a designated driver. Vicki is always a champ and comes to our rescue. Thanks Vicki! She always gets us home safe. We have been enjoying all of our new and old friends while here and we never lack for something to do. We are looking forward to seeing Sea Pearl with Joe, Julia, and Cassie and Godiva's buddy Salty, who will be arriving this week. The weather has been great and it's supposed to be in the mid to upper 70's and calm winds for the next seven days, so I see some fishing in our future. (Let's go fishing!) Tonight a bunch of us are going to Banana Bay (or somewhere else) to check it out for the first time for some music, maybe a drink or a few, and sunset in Paradise.
I wish all of our friends and family fighting the cold and snow up North could be here with us to enjoy this gorgeous weather and fun.

September Song (Are we having fun yet? Well Ya!) out

Stephanie, enjoying a conch salad at the Key West Seafood Festival. Not as good as in the Islands Mon, But soon Mon, soon.

Norm, enjoying a cold one at the Festival.

Two beauties at the Festival.

Can't go to Key Weird without a stop at the Half Shell for an oyster fix. Who is that guy behind the sign? That be me!
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Fun at our favorite haunt, Schooners Wharf.

Cheese Head in Key Weird. Southernmost Packer Backer.

Always nice to catch Michael McCloud at Schooners Wharf.

OOPS! How did that get into my blog. Oh, I remember now. This one was for Joe. Wish you were here.
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They are so cute!

Nice hats, Norm and Vicki.

Just chillin' in Key Weird. Ain't I cool. How about a buck mister. Dog needs a drink!

Only in Key Weird will you see a guy wearing fairy wings
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