Saturday, February 28, 2009

Let the party begin

We arrived at Cabbage Key Thursday afternoon, changed clothes, and headed for Useppa Island for a get together with some of our fellow Defever cruisers to kick things off. Most of the 40 boats and 130 people will not arrive until Friday but some of us got an early start. Friday it was so cool seeing all of those beautiful Defevers coming into the marinas and anchorages. Friday night we had a cocktail party on the dock at Cabbage Key and then went to the Cabbage Key Restaurant for dinner. Today we headed for Useppa Island at 08:00 for seminars and boat tours. I gave a talk on hurricane preparation for anchoring out and told of our experience in Hurricane Hanna this last summer in North Carolina. Tonight we had small aft deck parties on our boats and enjoyed sharing stories and liquid refreshment. Tomorrow we will do it all over again. It is so much fun getting together with friends and fellow cruisers. They are a great bunch.

September Song (we are having a ball) out

Cabbage Key from our boat deck

Party on the Deins boat, Gondola

They come by the boat load for that cheeseburger in paradise

Cassie and Godiva's new friend Reggie
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Defever cruisers in Cabbage Key Marina. That's September Song on the right

Dinner with friends at Cabbage Key

I thought you were supposed to leave the tip on the table, not the ceiling and walls

My love with dinner friends
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Useppa Island

Visitor to the docks

Defevers in the anchorage
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Drugs needed, friends ready

Today Stephanie woke up with a swollen face. She had an abcess and was in pain. We called our friends on Tide Hiker for an antibiotic (Vickie has good drugs) but they were still in Ft. Myers Beach where Vickie had a lump removed from her leg (she is OK) and would not be here until Friday. We then called Bob and Barbara Dein (Gondola) who are at Useppa, and they Suggested we call the Orrs (Four Orrs) who are at Boca Grand Marina. I called them and they said a drug store in the area delivered. Stephanie called our dentist and he called in a prescription. Budd had a friend in the area with a car and they offered to drive to the drug store and pick up the prescription and bring it back to Boca Grand Marina about 3 miles to the North from here for me to pick up. In the mean time Norm (Tide Hiker) called and said they could pick it up and drive it to Boca. (long trip) I told Norm that we had already made arrangements with the Orr's. I got into Half Note (I would swim to Boca for her) and drove to Boca Marina, met the Orr's, picked up the good drugs for Stephanie and drove back to my sweetheart. If you ever need anything, you can rely on fellow cruisers. We all help each other and this time it was us who needed the help. THANKS EVERYONE!
(And a special thanks from me, Stephanie. I am blessed with a truly magnificent husband and wonderful friends. Thanks all!)
The Loon in the picture is one of thousands that migrate to Florida, they lose their color in the winter. I don't think they are so loony.
Tomorrow we move to Cabbage Key. Here we come Jimmy B.
September Song (love to our cruiser friends) out

Sunrise over the anchorage

Northern Loon spending winter in Florida

Two pooped puppies after playing at the beach
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cayo Costa anchorage

We arrived at Burnt Store Marina Saturday afternoon and our friend, Jerry Anderson, met us at our slip and helped us tie up September Song and offered his car which we greatly appreciated. (aren't fellow cruisers great) That evening we had cocktails with Jerry and Betsy on September Song, and then the four of us went to dinner at the marina restaurant. Sunday we took full advantage of the generous offer of the car and did some provisioning for the next couple of weeks and a major portion for our trip to the Bahamas the latter part of March. I won't say what we spent, but between Home Depot, Publix, Wal-Mart, and Sweet Bay, we helped the local economy.
Monday, we left Burnt Store Marina for Cayo Costa and the Pelican Bay anchorage where we will stay until our reservation Thursday at Cabbage Key (where Jimmy Buffett wrote Cheese Burger in Paradise) for a DeFever rendezvous which is always great fun. There will be about 40 boats and 130 fellow cruisers.
Monday, after arriving at the anchorage , we put Half Note in the water and took the girls for a run on the beach. We will let the girls play for the next couple of day (us too) because they will get little time while we are at parties, seminars, and lots of stuff they can't attend.

I had a really great video, but it wouldn't upload, sorry, I will try again today.

September Song (at anchor in Pelican Bay and video challenged) out

White beaches of SW Florida

September Song in the anchorage

Looking at Charlotte Harbor and Pine Island Sound from the beach

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