Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday September Song

Today was September Song's 3rd birthday. She arrived July 14th 2007 on a ship in Ft. Lauderdale. She has been a great ship taking us on many adventures with little problems. Today she wasn't feeling well when we left the dock. She was a little sluggish and had a low grade temperature. We dropped the hook in Walburg Creek and I put on my dive gear and went under to check her tummy. The props were loaded with barnacles so I scraped them off, powdered her bottom, and she felt much better. It's one of the problems being tied to a dock for a month in fertile waters.
Tonight we are anchored on the Cooper River just North of Savannah and it feels great to be back out on the water cruising again. Only a few little glitches after we left the dock and a little crew retraining (including me) but all is right with the world tonight. (at least our world)
Tomorrow we will head out at 08:00 and arrive in Beaufort around noon. The Water Festival starts Friday.

September Song (see you at the Festival) out

#57 Intercoastal waterway, Georgia 31320

#55, her next door neighbor

Endless marsh grass in Georgia
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We had an extreme low tide Tuesday night

Going up the walkway was like climbing a ladder

From the looks of it you would think September Song would be sitting in the mud

Nope! Depth under the keel was 6.3 which makes it 11.3 feet deep. Amazing how fast it gets deep at our dock
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Three big hickory trees fell at the head of the dock Monday night in 70 MPH winds

Barefoot man. Catch me if you can!

You never know what will come swimming by the dock. About a 12 foot aligator scoping us out
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