Thursday, February 18, 2010

Still looking for that warmer weather

Sorry for the delayed blog, but the Internet was a little in and out in our anchorage in Pelican Bay.
We left Sarasota Sunday morning and headed South to find warmer weather as Joe headed North to have Ron Owens (AKA the wood master) make a couple of doors to enclose where his TV used to be. (North! What were you thinking Joe?) We will meet up with him in about a week farther South. It wasn't real warm so we drove from the pilot house, but it was calm enough (and now that our stabilizers are working) that we traveled to Pelican Bay on the outside on the Gulf of Mexico. It's always so beautiful out there! When we arrived at Pelican Bay anchorage Stormy was already at anchor. Not long after we arrived another three of our cruising friends came in and one of the boats was Shenanigans whom we haven't seen since last August when they joined in the surprise 60th birthday party for me at Kings Mill. It didn't take long to put Half Note in the water and we were at Shenanigans for hugs all around and cocktails. Monday, after taking the kids to a dog gone good beach for some play time with their boyfriend Calloway, we all loaded up in the family cars and headed for Cabbage Key for an afternoon of laughs and our "Cheeseburger in Paradise". Tuesday was, as Vicki on Tide Hiker calls it, "toilet Tuesday". September Song always looks so great and feels so good when she gets her bath. Besides, she had company coming Tuesday night. Tuesday night was cocktail "hours" and heavy apps on September Song. She loves to get all dressed up and have a party. We also added another couple to our cruising friends list. A couple that Steve and Di had met some time ago were in the anchorage so we invited them to join in. Rick and Pat on Sea Gator are a great couple (as most cruisers are) and fit right in with our group. We hope to see them on the waterway again. Wednesday we all left the anchorage and went separate ways. We headed North (only ten miles!) with Aurora to a little cove off the ICW. When we arrived we put Half Note in, picked up Steve and Di and did a little exploring. We made our way through the mangroves to Don Pedro Island State Park and walked the beach, picked up some shells and prehistoric sharks teeth, and tried to act like it was warm out. Not! The weather has been about 15 degrees colder than normal for the last two weeks. What the HE double L happened to the warm Florida weather? Not to worry, (as if you would) it's going to be back in the 70's by the weekend. Last night Di prepared a fabulous Indian meal on Aurora. What a treat it was. Di also scratched my ice cream itch for dessert. Thanks Steve and Di, it was fun spending the evening with you. What great friends you are. Today, Thursday, Steve and Di headed for Venice, but we will meet up again with them on Monday. We will spend a quiet day here in the anchorage, enjoy a rib steak dinner, maybe a little wine, and then kick back and watch the Olympics. Tomorrow its off to Fisherman's Village Marina in Punta Gorda. Cassie and Godiva say YAY! grass. If we gave them their choice, they would prefer the beach.

Now, me and the Captain (Morgan that is) have an appointment at 5:00.

September Song (kicked back) out

Birds in our anchorage as we leave for the "dog gone good beach"

Now that's a front porch.
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Half Note and Breaking Wind at the dog gone good beach

Godiva with a mouth full of sand waiting for someone, ANYONE, to throw her ball

Maybe if I stare at it long enough

Godiva running on the beach with her boyfriend Calloway
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Steve and Di hitching a ride to Cabbage Key with Dave and Penny. We all have named our tenders except Stormy. Penny decided to call it "Breaking Wind" OOOOO, Don't want to follow them!

Entering Cabbage Key from the ICW

Cute little rental cottages on the island as we make our way through the channel

We're here!
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Views from the patio where we had lunch on Cabbage Key

The group waiting for our "cheeseburgers in Paradise"

The walls and ceilings are covered with tens of thousands of dollar bills with things written on them by people who came to this little piece of "Paradise" for that famous "cheeseburger".
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White heron in the tree above our table. Don't POO on my cheeseburger!
The group stuffing their faces with Cheeseburgers
They could be bad and taste good here
looking for a hand out. It prefers cheeseburgers over fish
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Sunrise Wednesday when we left the Pelican Bay anchorage. Hundreds of seagulls, cormorants, and brown and white pelicans were swimming through our anchorage. It was amazing!

Dolphin playing off our port side as we travel the ICW
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We picked up Steve and Di in the family car (Half Note) and went exploring. We found our way through the mangroves to the dock at Don Pedro Island State Park. We walked across the island to the Gulf side and took a walk on the beach and did a little shell hunting.

Di filling her pockets with treasures. We also found some prehistoric sharks teeth. Way cool!

A look down the beach

Some of the shells scattered on the beach from the heavy surf. No, I didn't stage this shot.
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White ibis walking along the canal as we pass by in Half Note.

Steve cleaning off the anchor while they motor out of our anchorage today. We will stay here one more day and then head to Fisherman's Village in Punta Gorda where we will meet up with some old friends we haven't seen for eleven years.
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