Friday, July 1, 2011

Finding time

It has been hard finding time to blog. I decided that yesterday, because we would be at anchor, I would have time. NOT! First, it was a swim off the back of September Song, then put the tender in to rescue them as they floated too far away from the boat. Well, while we have Half Note in the water, we should get out the boogie board and I could pull them around in the anchorage. After fun in the water, it was time for dinner (chicken tenders, ribs, and salad, it was time for another swim. You get the picture. I did part of the blog last night, then finished today before we raised the anchor.
We started our cruise at Blackbeard where we played for two days. We would have stayed for another day, but the boys had enough sun for now. (red bodies) From Blackbeard it was off to Savannah for two nights, then off for a one night stay at Beaufort, SC. From there we headed to the anchorage we are in as I blog.
I think they are enjoying the stops, but the six to seven hours of cruising to the next stop are a little long for them.
Today we put the pointy end North again.
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September Song (see you in Charleston) out

When the boys arrived, we saw them, but they didn't see us. We followed them for a while to see what they would do.

We decided to let them know we were here before they freaked out.
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First stop, the Georgia Pig for some of the best BBQ in Georgia.

Our Chef.

BBQ ribs and pulled pork. YUUUMMM!
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We cast off the lines Saturday morning and headed to Blackbeard Island.

Connor, playing Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic. Where's the girl?

Entering the creek to Blackbeard Island.

This little guy must have been in a fight. Notice his right claw.

Horse shoe crab waiting for high tide.

Coming up from their first swim in the Atlantic.

Playing in the waves.
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Lunch on the beach

Now that's a beach! We are the only ones there.

Lots of shelling.

Connor, waiting for a wave.
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Fun in the waves at the beach at Blackbeard on the Slick Lizard boogie board.

The beach got crowded in the afternoon.

Do you think we wore them out?

I think so!
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Sunrise as we travel through Blackbeard Creek. We can only go in and out of Black Beard Creek at high tide, so it was 05:45 when we raised the anchor.

Austin on dolphin watch.

It's great fun watching the dolphins play in our bow wake.

Austin in the co-captain seat. Connor is still on pillow watch.
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This is where we will be docked in Savannah.

Tried to buy the boys a hat to wear in the sun. "Does this work?"

I don't think so!

Raid on the candy store in Savannah.
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Austin and Connor headed back to the boat after a little exploring in Savannah.

Big ships pass where we are docked on River Street day and night in the Savannah river.

Ice cream is always a good thing after pizza.


I think they like bar food. No, they didn't have a beer!

Boys can put away the food. Happy Connor!

Cool dudes with their new shades.
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