Saturday, July 26, 2008

United States Naval Academy

Thursday and Friday morning we woke up to temps. in the low 60's and highs in the low 80's. (Gorgeous) Friday we went to the Naval Academy for the day. The academy is home to 4400 midshipman (men and women) and is a four year program. The campus is huge with many old buildings and lots of history. The midshipman have two final tests before they can graduate, They have to jump off this very high high dive fully clothed and swim to shore. The dive is approx. the same height as an aircraft carrier deck. They also must learn to sail. they have a huge fleet of sailboats of all sizes. I'm sure there is a lot more they must learn, but these were two must pass tests before they can graduate. When we toured the chapel they were getting ready for wedding rehearsals. The chapel is huge, very old and beautiful. They have 8 to 10 weddings on any given Saturday. While we were touring I didn't see one fat midshipman. I'm sure they work them hard to make them lean mean fighting machines. I took lots of pictures, I hope you enjoy them. I'm going to cut this short. Stephanie and I are going out on Steve and Diane's kayaks. Tonight we head to town in the tender limo.
Off paddling!
September Song out

Academy Olympic pool
Left, right, left, right
First plane used in war. On one flight a man fell out, so they
installed the first seat belts. (ropes)
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Notice the dolphins and faces in the waves - dolphins are the symbol of the submarine corps, and the faces memorialize submariners lost at sea

Dorms, home to 4400 Midshipman

That's my motto

The rotunda at the academy
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Academy Chapel

Inside the Chapel

John Paul Jones (the first American Naval hero) is in a crypt under the Chapel
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Formation before lunch each day

The band also plays before lunch

Headed in for lunch.
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Annapolis homes

The streets of Annapolis

Ego alley
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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Exploring Annapolis

Annapolis is going to be a great city to explore. We took Half Note into the city by way of Ego Alley. Ego Alley is a water way that is about 150 ft. wide and lined with water side restaurants and parks on both sides and ends at a tender dock. The fancy boats go up and down to boost their ego. Half Notes proudly motored up the alley past the big guys and told them as she went by, "you should see the mother ship I ride on". We walked a little of the town, stopped in a few of the shops, and had lunch. We spent the afternoon exploring the water ways in Annapolis that go on forever with thousands of boats of every make and size and beautiful homes that line the water. As we headed back to the boat we had to weave our way through at least 100 sail boats of all sizes out enjoying the beautiful day on the water. I love seeing the little ones (7, 8, and 9 year olds) learning to sail. Tomorrow we are going to take a guided tour of the Naval Academy and explore more of Annapolis with our friends, Steve and Diane, who arrived today on their boat and moored next to us.
September Song out ZZZZZZZZZZZ

Performers performing from a sail boat

The streets of Annapolis
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Three boat garage on the water

They start them young here

Wish I had some wind
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The waterways go on forever in Annapolis

Beautiful homes along the waterway

Many streets end at the water. Don't forget to stop

Great setting for a church and school
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Sorry! These pictures didn't take the first time

United States Naval Academy

Naval Academy

Uncle Sam is listening

Another view of the anchorage
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Annapolis MD

Well we made it out of our slip, thanks to a hand from a couple dock hands, a bow thruster, and a good admiral. (Stephanie) The trip to Annapolis was great, with beautiful scenery, calm seas and breakfast on the fly bridge. The view of Annapolis as we came into the harbor was way cool. We arrived at the anchorage off the Severn River on Weems Creek about a mile outside town at 11:30, picked up our FREE Navy mooring ball. As you can see from the pictures, Weems Creek is absolutely gorgeous. Thunder storms are predicted for the afternoon and evening, so we decided to stay with the boat and go to the beach with the girls. Tomorrow we head for Annapolis in Half Note to explore.

September Song on the ball and out

Sun rise at St. Michael's as we say goodbye

Ship waiting to go into port

Another waiting

And another
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This little guy was out in the middle of no where

Cool sail

Uncle Sam is watching

Sailing class in Annapolis harbor
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