Monday, December 19, 2011

Whatcha doin?

We have been busy now that we have settled into our winter season in the Keys, with fun with cruising friends, Decorating September Song for Christmas, boat parades, doctor's check ups, pigging out on Stone crab claws, playing with the dogs on the beach, CPR and first aid class, a trip to Key West, boat chores, and last, but not least, celebrating our anniversary. The weather has been great with highs in the upper 70's, and lows in the lower 70's. (don't hate me!) This week we will be busy getting September Song ready for our trip to Key West later this week for our Key Weird Christmas with Doug and Tammy. Pray for our livers! When we get back from Key West, more of our cruising friends will be coming in, and a big New Years Eve party is planned. Keep those prayers for our livers coming.
We have the Keys disease, and I think it is incurable.

September Song (see you in Key West) out

Stephanie, getting ready to do CPR on this poor guy. 

Hay, how about some CPR on me! Well, on second thought... 

I don't think we will need to know how to do CPR or defib a baby, but you never know.
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We love Key West. First stop, Schooners Wharf.

Santa with a boa.

Our bartender and Santa's helper. OH Santa!

Fun night and great music by the Massacoustics at our friend's bar in Key West, The Smokin' Tuna. We're smoking it, and it's legal.
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Phred, I think you have had too many margaritas.

This poor dog was so embarrassed.

Elvis Santa. "you have a merry little Christmas" I guess you had to be there. 

A Key West Christmas tree.
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It's hard to keep the elves in the North Pole. Can you blame them!

Tom and Linda, sharing a stone crab claw at the Keys Fisheries.

We try not to think about all those poor crabs that gave their claws for us. Crabbers take one claw and throw them back. Not to worry, they grow a new one.

It's so great to be back in the Keys.
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Dockside Bar and Grill here at our Marina is alive and well.

You just never know, so I always have the camera ready. She was celebrating her birthday at Dockside. She decided to show us part of her birthday suit. Sorry guys, I had to change a couple of things to keep my blog from being X rated and to protect the not so innocent.
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September Song, all dressed up for Christmas.

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Dock party at the table of wisdom after the boat parade.

Yes, that's a boat.

No Santa, She can't sit on your lap.
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