Monday, December 6, 2010

Key West Crazy

Friday night Doug and Tammy arrived with our van, (thanks guys) and we were ready for a fun weekend here in Marathon and in Key West Weird.
After drinks, apps, laughs, and catch up, we headed to the Sunset Bar and Grill for a fun night of surf and turf apps (clams, wings and shrimp) drinks, dancing, good music, and did I mention FUN. After Sunset Bar and Grill, we all headed over to one of the funkiest bars in Marathon, The Brass Monkey. If you want to see the local color and hear some local talent, this is the place. At around 11:30 we decided to call it an early night (?) because we were headed for Key West crazy in the morning.
After a beautiful drive down the Keys, we arrived in Key West. (let the party begin!) Our first stop was at Divers Direct so I could pick up a new dive suit, then on to Guy Harvey's, where the gang had already started without us. Two reasons for stopping at Guy Harvey's. First is that they have dollar drafts, and it's a good place to get a roadie, and the other was to see Georgia Girl (Lindsey) who worked there and adopted Doug and Tammy. The reason she is known as Georgia Girl is because she has a tattoo on her butt of the Univ. of Georgia logo. When you see my brother Ron, ask him about it. He is a lover of great art. Our next stop was Fogerty's for an outrageous sloppy grouper sandwich. (see photos) This could get long, so you might want to take a break.
Next stop, Schooners Wharf. (with a few stops on the way) Schooners is one of our favorite places situated along the waterfront. We love their wings, and a must is to see Cigar Guy and smoke one of his fresh rolled (well, kind of fresh) cigars. It's also where we can listen to Michael McCloud, a real legend. We always have a great time there.
Next stop, Hogs Breath. Usually they have good music, but it wasn't very good this time, so we made some calls to a few of our friends so they could go on line and we could wave at them on the Hogsbreath web cams.
Next stop, (with a few short stops along the way) The Turtle Krawl Raw Bar (yes Rena, they have raw oysters and they are huge) There we met up with some other cruising friends who just got in and will spend the winter in a marina just outside Key West. Did I mention we are going to take September Song down to Key West for five days at Christmas and Doug and Tammy are joining us. I'm sure we will be seeing that gang down there again for a Key West Crazy Christmas.
Next stop (after a few stops along the way. Hey, you get real thirsty while doing all that walking) The Chart Room. The Chart Room is a "real funky" landmark. When developers wanted to build an upscale hotel, they had to build it around and over the Chart Room. The Chart Room is where Jimmy Buffett got his start. Another unusual thing is that the bar has people's ashes sealed in the bar in front of where they had stood for years. A plaque with their names and dates on it is in front of their resting place. "only in Key West.
Next stop, (after a few stops along the way. You know the routine) The Key West Christmas Parade. The parade was a little calmer than most KW parades. Most parades in Key West are "anything goes" type parades. If you want to see what I mean, go to Serendipity's blog (we have a link on our blog you can click on under My Blog list) and scroll down to their trip to Key West for Fantasy Fest.
Next stop, (no stops along the way) back to Marathon. Vicki was our designated driver (thanks Vicki) and we don't remember the trip home because we were all sleeping. (except Vicki)
Sunday morning it was time to say a sad goodbye to Gypsies, but not before a delicious breakfast at the Stuffed Pig here in Marathon.
Not to worry, we will be back together again with the Gypsies, because the four of us (and a few of our cruising friends) are going to be in Key West for a Key West Crazy (or as Doug and Tammy call it, Key West Weird) Christmas.

September Song (see you at Christmas Gypsies) out

Doug and Tammy (AKA Gypsies in the Palace) arrive with our van, and Norm and Vicki, (AKA Tide Hiker)
who are docked with us at our marina, ready for a fun weekend.

What a good looking group!
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Norm and Vicki practicing for "Dancing with the Stars

"Can I go to Key West with you tomorrow"

"Please Mom and Dad!"
Not this time girls, but we will take you there for Christmas. We will leave the anchor light on so Santa can find you. I hear that Key West is his last stop so he can go to Schooners Wharf for his beer and wings under their palm Christmas tree.
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Doug and Tammy.....Happy couple!

Shoes are optional in the Keys

Wings, clams, and shrimp. They were out of oysters.

I've got to have one of these.
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First stop....Guy Harvey's for a roadie. We had hoped to see Georgia Girl there, but she has moved on. (sorry Ron) If you remember from last year when we were here, she has a Georgia logo tattoo on her derriere. (butt) She and my brother Ron had a special connection. Next time you are on September Song, I will share the picture of it with you. (Sorry, not blog appropriate)

Only in Key West will you find a tender with a recliner. Now that's a comfortable ride!

Norm, ready for a Key West crazy day.
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Good looking group.

Fogerty's for a sloppy grouper. Grouper, french fries, tomato, onion, bacon, sauce, and other things I don't remember, all on a special bun.

Now that's a sloppy sandwich! OOOH SO GOOD!

Go for it Vicki!
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This says it all.

Only in your dreams.

Bob...The man, the myth, the legend. Gotta have this t-shirt.

When was the last time you saw one of these?
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A must at Schooners. A fresh rolled cigar from Cigar Man. Anyone who knows me, knows mine has to be a chocolate flavored one.

Rena... Cigar Man said he will be looking for you in March.


Love my chocolate!
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If you are looking for Santa Claus, he's at the bar at Schooners Wharf.

Not to worry, Mrs. Claus came with him to make sure he makes it back to the North Pole for his scheduled trip on Christmas Eve. Key West is his last stop and the bartender promised there would be a beer and wings under their tree (palm tree) for him.

Michael McCloud (a legend) playing great music at Schooners Wharf.

Tammy, loving those wings at Schooners.
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We met up with more of our cruising friends at the Turtle Krawl Raw Bar. They will be spending the winter in Key West. Pray for their livers. We will see some of them again when we take September Song down for Christmas with the Gypsies. (Doug and Tammy)

You never know when or where (usually in a funky bar with music) you are going to re-connect with cruising friends.

Oysters anyone?

A stop at the Chart Room is always fun. This is the place where some of the locals who are fixtures at the bar have their ashes sealed in the bar. No, not their cigarette or cigar ashes. Only in Key West!
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Everyone in Key West is in the Christmas spirit. And in the "spirits"

Is that snow?

Only in Key West. Now that's a flake!
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Nothing like a breakfast at the Stuffed Pig on Sunday morning.

Six stuffed piggies.
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