Saturday, March 13, 2010

Headed to Marathon

Our last day in Key West was great, but sad because we would be saying goodbye to the Gypsies again and leaving in the morning for Marathon where we will be until our weather window opens to the islands. It's always sad to say goodbye, but we know we will be with them again. we will miss you, Gypsies! Wish you were going to the Islands with us again this year.
Tuesday morning September Song and Sea Pearl put the pointy ends Northeast to Marathon where we will do our final staging for the Exumas. It was a beautiful cruise up the Hawk Channel inside the reefs to Marathon on another warm sunny day. (about time it got warm here) Marathon is one of the largest Keys in the chain of keys with lots to do and see. As usual there are several cruising friends here also. It's always fun to catch up with old friends and exchange new stories, laugh alot, and enjoy this paradise called the Keys together.

September Song (Welcome aboard DJ) out

The start of our last day with Gypsies in Key West

Cassie and Godiva picking out their stools

Nothing like cold beer and raw oysters on a warm afternoon in Key West

Scott Kirby, a musician friend of Gypsies playing at the Sunset Pier on our last night
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A crabber loaded with crab pots headed into port. Should I thank him for the obstacle course he set up for us ALL THE WAY FROM KEY WEST!!!! That's Marathon and the start of the Seven Mile Bridge in the background

As we came into port we saw Adventures (first dark hull on the left) docked at Marathon Marina where we stayed last winter while we were here

The bridge that won't be here much longer as it will come down in the next couple of months, and the Marathon mooring field beyond it with hundreds of boats here for the winter

aCappella on her mooring not far from Dockside Marina where we will be docked.
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After we arrived at the dock we were greeted by a manatee

The manatee waving at us

Time to go greet the rest of the boats
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Our first day here in Marathon we promised Cassie and Godiva we would take them to the beach. We stopped by aCappella to say Hi to Jeff, Karen, and their two yellow labs Dyna and Dylan on the way to the beach. Cassie and Godiva asked if they could come to the beach and play. Their Mom and Dad said OK, so the four of them got into the family cars (tender) and joined us at the beach for some play time.

After a short time Cassie decided she would invite herself to join other beach goers so she had to spend some of the time on her 25 foot leash. Sorry Cassie!

The kids having a great time playing in the water
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Jeff and Karen on ACappella and Joe on Sea Pearl joined the crew of September Song for cocktails and apps before heading over to Dockside for dinner.

Joe enjoying the good life

We found out from Jeff and Karen that a person by the name of DJ has been following our adventures via our blog. Here's to you DJ, Glad to have you aboard! It always amazes those of us who blog our travels how many people we don't know who follow our adventures. You keep following and I will keep blogging
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Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday afternoon at Irish Kevin's

The group descended on Irish Kevin's (including Salty, but don't tell Cassie and Godiva) for an afternoon with Bill Krauss, a musician friend we met in Georgetown SC. last summer. He is what you could classify as a wild and crazy guy and a great musician. It was fun to catch up with Bill again, especially in Key West his winter home. After a fun afternoon with a few old and "new friends" we headed over to the Flying Monkey Saloon for the best ever grouper sandwiches called the sloppy groupers. What a fun day it was, but it was time to give our livers a rest, so we headed back to the boat and chilled for the night. (after all, Sunday is a day of "rest")

September Song (rested and ready to go) out

She will take your order next after the Key West chicken. Hope you don't mind waiting and pay no attention to the white stuff on the counter under the chicken. Y'all come back now!!

Now that's a beautiful ride!

She's a little fat to fly, so she rides her three wheel Fairy bike.
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Bill Krauss, a musician we met in Georgetown, SC. and became friends with playing at Irish Kevin's Saloon

The gang at Irish Kevin's Sunday afternoon. Saving souls 16 oz at a time.

Would you believe Bill got this guy, after taping a chicken to his head, to run across the street, do 10 jumping jacks, run down the street and steal a drink coaster from another bar and run back. Only in Key West!

The next few pictures are of some of our new friends we met at Irish Kevin's. They will be traveling with us for a few days. (NOT)
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Lupper at the Flying Monkey Saloon. Best grouper sandwich I have ever had. Called the "sloppy grouper"

The End (at least for this truck)
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Sunday, March 7, 2010

We're still out here

Sorry for the delay of play, Well maybe not play, but blogs, but sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day. Rather than go through a long explanation (besides all you want is the evidence, I mean pictures) I would just caption all the pictures. Besides, we are meeting up with the group in an hour and I still need to take my shower. excuses, excuses. Hope you enjoy the pictures and I will try to keep up. We leave here for Marathon Tuesday and start looking for that elusive weather window to cross to the islands "Mon"

September Song (in the Conch Republic) out

Here's looking at you from Sin, I mean Tin City in Naples
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Crabby Tuesday. Joe and I got our crab fix while Stephanie watched in horror

Now those are big crabs!

I can't believe I ate the whole thing
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