Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A day off

Since I last blogged THREE WEEKS AGO, (I know, I know) it has been non stop. It was time to take a day/night off. Our cruising group gets larger by the day as more friends come in. (when are you going to get here Jay, Nancy, William and Judy?)When we go to Sparky's Landing, Key's Fisheries, Dockside Bar and Grill, No Name Pub, Key West, etc. etc. we take over the place with twenty some cruisers. When we aren't going someplace, there's always a dock party somewhere on the dock at sunset. The weather has been perfect this year, and everyone is in a party mood. (why should this year be any different) Luckily, I have the mornings to do my boat chores. Trust me, I'm not complaining. It's has been a blast, and it will be that way until we head to the islands. Oh, did I tell you how many cruisers are planning on playing their way through the islands Mon? Our group has a name for the islands. "The Bahama Bums"
Hope you enjoy the pictures, and pass me a five hour energy.

September Song (from the Keys playpen) out

Stone crab claws and a shot to toast the sunset at the Keys Fisheries

Steve and Kim on Maya. (Two of the Bahama Bums) They will be following us for their first trip to the Islands. They are so excited.

Some of our DeFever cruisers group.

We always meet neat people while out. The lady in the center we met at Sparky's, (we rescued her purse) and we saw her again at The Keys Fisheries. That's her Mom and Dad with her. They cruised for many years and had to give it up. Heard some great stories. He says he misses it every day.
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A must do each year is the annual Nautical Flea Market. We always find something we didn't know we needed.

Tammy, I find out Steve is just like me when it comes to sweets. He said he would drive miles to get some of these little guys. we shared a bag of thirty. Hey, you never know when you will find them again!

I named this bird Bob.

A fun night with new cruising friends at Dockside for Jam Night.
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No Phred, you can't change partners now. Keep your eye on the ball Phred!

I think you need to check their score card, Tom.

What club do I use for this next shot?
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Happy hour at Sparky's Landing after the golf match. 25 cent wings, shrimp, laughs, and lies.

More of the group at Sparky's.

It takes three shots to get everyone in.
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Another dock party?

Everyone signed the table of BS.

Tom, That's not a finger dock outhouse! That's the toilet Bill took out today to install a new one, and hadn't taken it to the trash yet. OK, he really didn't use it, he just posed for me.
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Another beautiful sunset at the end of another fun day. Time for the dock party!

Katy, on "Floating Stone" coming into the dock. Welcome back Bob and Katy.

Another dock party?

Happy Birthday Bob! Thanks for another excuse for a party.
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Fun in Key West at Irish Kevin's with our musician friend Bil Krauss. Nice hat Bil.

I like your hat too Guy!

Yes, that's Stephanie on the stage. You had to be there!

Four of the "Bahama Bums" in Key West.

Only in Key Weird (West)
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I introduced Kim to Cigar Guy at Schooners Wharf. Gotta stop at Schooners for a cigar and the best wings in the world. He wanted to know when you were coming Rena and Jody!

I find out that this is a first for Kim. I think she likes vanilla!

She says "she likes them!" She wants one to go. We'll be back Kim, I promise.

Kim, with Michael McCloud's dog, Cinderella, that sleeps in his guitar case while he plays at Schooner's Wharf.
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Monday, January 23, 2012

Why did the chicken cross the road? (Duval Street) As William would say "I daknow"

Great music from Clint Bullard at Scott Kirby's Bar, The Smokin' Tuna Saloon.
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