Saturday, January 9, 2010

Catch-up time

When I last left you we were learning how to pin a lip to a tongue. (again, don't ask) Wednesday Norm and Vicki joined us for a road trip to Ft. Lauderdale so we could get our C-map chip updated. (a chip for our GPS) Ft. Lauderdale is the boating capital of the world and full of our favorite marine stores. (cruisers candy stores) After a quick late lunch at a must stop in Lauderdale, Lester's Diner, it was off to Total Wine, a mega discount liquor store to replenish our supply, then we hit as many of the marine stores as we could in the short time we had. What a fun day!
Thursday night was slush night on Chuck and Pat's boat "Got the Fever". Pat makes a mean slush. After getting "slushy" it was time to hit Park Avenue BBQ to pig out on some of the best ribs I've ever eaten. (fourth time we have been there)
Friday we woke up to a gorgeous day so we decided to go for a day cruise and maybe throw a line in. The main reason we wanted to go out was because we had our stabilizers worked on (big computerized fins under the boat that are supposed to keep us stable in rough seas) and we wanted to see how they were working. Well, they performed beautifully (FINALLY) They are working so well we could have put a glass of wine on the counter and it would not have spilled. (HAPPY CREW!!)
Friday night is free roast beef sliders during happy hour at Wahoo's. A group of us went up and as usual had a really good time. (OK, we were bad) Before we left, Norm and Vicki hit the dance floor and practiced for Dancing with the Stars. (Vicki's favorite show) See their photo shoot below.
Last night a cold front moved through (can't you people up North keep your cold fronts to yourselves!) and it has been raining all day with temps in the low 40's and tonight it's going to be in the low 30's. Can you believe it snowed in Orlando. Not to worry, it is going to be in the mid 70's this coming week. A good thing because by Thursday there will be 32 DeFever cruiser boats and about 100 fellow cruisers here for the boat show and DeFever Rendezvous. (Talk about a party!)
Tomorrow evening 15 of our cruising friends are coming to September Song for Mexican night. Margaritas, Coronas and my enchiladas. Should be great fun!

September Song (ole!) out

Friday morning we woke up to a beautiful sunrise and a beautiful day. Let's go out on the Atlantic!

It was a beautiful day on the Atlantic. No fish, but a beautiful day

If we keep going in this direction we could be in the Bahamas in eight hours. Not this trip, but the first part of March we will say good-bye to the USA and hello Bahamas "Mon".
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Joe, Norm, and Vicki having way too much fun at Wahoo's last night. (well, I guess we all had waaay too much fun!) Sorry! The rest of the pictures were rated X so Stephanie wouldn't let me post them of us being yahoos at Wahoo's.

Norm and Vicki practicing for their debut on Dancing with the Stars.

Norm and Vicki practicing as replacements for Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray
 in the remake of Dirty Dancing

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Thursday night was slush night on Chuck and Pat's boat "Got the Fever" Oh man were they good, but you wouldn't want to have too many or you would get slushy. Then it was off to Park Avenue BBQ to pig out on baby back ribs

Dave and Penny, good cruising friends from North Carolina arrived on their boat "Stormy" Thursday and joined in the fun.
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Wednesday we woke to ice on September Song. This is just not right!!!

A trip to Ft. Lauderdale wouldn't be complete without a lunch at Lester's Diner.

Lester's is a true New York Diner
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dinner on Tide Hiker

Steve, Di, Stephanie and I descended on Tide Hiker for another delicious creation prepared by Chef Vicki in her infamous crock pot. (chicken stroganoff) Good stuff Vicki! As usual it was great fun getting together with good friends on a cold night (way too cold for Florida) for lots of good food, drink, (OK drinks!) and tons of laughs. Dr. Vicki gave us a few of her techniques for medical emergencies on Tide Hiker. She really wants to try some of these techniques out. Maybe not in an emergency, but just to see if she can do them. I won't go into all the details, but Norm sleeps with one eye open. Next question was what would Stephanie do if something happened to me while out. We have our duties, and one of mine is docking and undocking. Stephanie can run the boat as well as I can, but has had no practice docking. She said if something happened to me, it would be WOT (wide open throttle) a call on the VHF to the closest dock and hit it at full speed.
(all 47 tons) It wouldn't be pretty, but she said she would get me in. I love my wife!!!
The night was great fun and I laughed so hard my side hurt. Now, where did I park that boat?
Thanks, Tide Hiker!

September Song (at WOT) out

Chef Vicki getting ready to serve up another one of her delicious creations

"Hurry up Norm, we're hungry"

If I tied her hands down, Stephanie couldn't talk (and she isn't even Italian!)

Medical director on Tide Hiker, Dr. Vicki, demonstrating how you safety pin the tong to the lip. Don't ask!!!
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Monday, January 4, 2010

Just another Sunday

Just another fun Sunday! We started off the day at the Riverwalk Jazz Series in old downtown Stuart. After a little jazz music and a little shopping in Old Downtown Stuart, we all decided to stop at duffy's for a drink. (all that music and shopping can make you real thirsty) Well, after trying to order two times and the waiter coming back and telling us they were out of most everything we ordered, including Pino Grigio (that's just not right!) we decided to take our business elsewhere, so it was off to check out the new bar across the bridge from our marina. We decided that it wasn't our type of place (too sterile) so after a couple of coffee and other miscellaneous drinks (it's cold out today, 60 degrees) we all headed to our favorite place to play, Wahoo's. I guess we are more at home in a funky place like Wahoo's, so we all said WAHOO, and had a good time the rest of the afternoon listening to some of the oldies and misbehaving. (we are so bad)
After a great time at Wahoo's we all headed to our favorite sushi restaurant and ordered a couple of trawlers (they call them boats, we call them trawlers) filled with a load of fabulous sushi and sashimi. It's great spending the day with good cruising friends. We all have so much in common. (Is there such a thing as life being too good? NOT!) Today we decided that we would change our day of rest from Sunday to Monday, so today is a chill out day on the boat. (or maybe not)

September Song (enjoying good friends) out

We started off the day at the Riverwalk Jazz Series in old downtown Stuart

Stopped by a new bar at the Marina across the street for some Irish coffee. Not funky enough for our group

So we headed back to Wahoo's, our favorite hangout for some good music (don't know if it was a he or a she, but he/she was good)

Misbehaved all afternoon before heading to our favorite sushi restaurant
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Sushi boat #1

Sushi boat #2

Eleven cruising friends out for sushi night

Waiter, can you split the bill five ways?
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