Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Still in Rock Hall

We are still here in Rock Hall waiting for our bilge sensors which were suppose to be here Tuesday. Well, it's Wednesday night and still no sensors. If you see a slow boat from China headed this way, let us know.
Yesterday afternoon we met up with Jeff and Karen Siegel and their two labs Dinah and Dylan. Cassie and Godiva had a great time with their new cruising friends chasing each other around and getting acquainted the way dogs do. (sniff sniff) Jeff and Karen are the creators of Active Captain, an on line cruising guide that we love to use and contribute newly found anchorages and marinas and post comments to. You can see their site at After our four legged kids had worn themselves out we all went to Harbor Shack for a burger and a beer. We had a great time with Jeff and Karen, exchanging stories, talking about our travels, and of course talking about our four legged kids. We look forward to meeting up with Jeff and Karen again. They plan to go to the Exumas next year so we will probably see them there if not before.

September Song (still waiting) out

Tammy's new found friend. Notice her ear is bent to the max

Cassie and Godiva enjoying happy hour with us

Meeting Jeff, Karen, and their two yellow labs Dinah and Dylan
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Jeff and Karen's boat aCappella. Jeff and Karen are the creators of Active Captain, an on line cruising guide most cruisers are using

aCappella at the free dock in Rock Hall

Karen giving out treats to Cassie, Godiva, and their new friends Dinah and Dylan, Karen and Jeff's Labs

Sorry! All gone
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Sunday, September 6, 2009

The batteries are here! But we're not leaving

The new house batteries arrived Friday morning and after a lot of grunts and groans they were in their new home. Two guys on the deck to lower them in, two guys below to "catch" them, put them in their boxes, and "slide" them into the rack. After 45 minutes they were wired and ready to go. (NOT) After looking at the manual (if all else fails) we discovered a wire hiding that wasn't connected. (VOILA) It's all working, well the house batteries are good to go, but when Randy disconnected the old batteries he arced them and shorted out our bilge pump sensors. (all three) These are no ordinary float switches. They count, sense water levels, count time, count number of times run, connect to the master state room alarm, (lets us know when we are sinking while asleep) and connect to the read outs in the pilot house. They were ordered last Tuesday and won't be in until this Tuesday. (the factory needs to make them first) Nothing simple on our baby. This isn't all bad because the Chesapeake will be jammed with all the people on their boats filling the anchorages and trying to get in their last long weekend at the end of summer here in the North. (amateurs weekend) There was a constant traffic jam Friday and Saturday, with boats leaving our marina and boats coming in to get fuel. Not only that, but the dockage is free plus a courtesy car (normally 2.25 a foot per day plus electric) because they screwed up. I guess it's time to get a few more boat chores done, enjoy the pool, go to the farmers market, go to happy hour, and get "crabby" (pig out on blue crabs)

September Song (a good place to be stuck) out

It must be Friday, The 160# monsters are here

Randy, the electrician, and a helper loading the new batteries from the dock to the aft deck

I'll count to three and then we liiift

Hooking up the new house batteries. Now which wire goes where?
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Harbor Shack, Our happy hour hang out. .99 cent Coors, 1.88 Captain and coke, and .35 cent wings.

I fed the parking meter while we enjoyed happy hour. Didn't want to get a bar ticket
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While we were at the Harbor Shack for happy hour we noticed a 49RPH at the marina next to Waterman's. Tammy looked through her telephoto lens and saw it was River Girl. We met River Girl last winter as our paths crossed on the waterway in Florida. We got to meet them face to face at the Defever rendezvous at Cabbage Key and Useppa. You never know when or where you are going to meet cruising friends as you travel the waterways. Ron and Janice Walton (River Girl) and their friends Tom and Sandy were there for the night. When we left Harbor Shack the four of us stopped by to say Hi, have a drink, and catch up on where we have been and what we have been doing. It's always great to see cruising friends and Defever Cruiser members as you travel. Great to see you guys. I'm sure our paths will cross again.

Janice on River Girl enjoying a glass of wine

From left to right Ron, Sandy, and Tom on the fly bridge of River Girl

The party crashers on River Girl's fly bridge

Sunset over Rock Hall Harbor
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"The crab feast"

After happy hour and a visit with River Girl we headed to Waterman's restaurant for the best blue crabs on the Chesapeake. We were not disappointed. Doug and I ordered the crab feast. (all you can eat blue crab in two hours) First they cover your table with paper because things will get messy, give us our wooden mallets, set a five gallon bucket next to the table for the shells, and bring out the first cafeteria size tray piled with blue crabs. OH MY, this could get ugly!!! After two trays of crab, four pitchers of beer and a whole lot of OOOO's and AAAAAAH's, Doug and I needed a shower. We had crab everywhere. It was a messy job, but someone has to do it. They were SOOO GOOOOD!

September Song (crabby and happy) out

Notice the paper on one side of the table. Things could get messy!!!!

The first of two trays of crabs.

Crack'n and a pick'n

It doesn't get any better than this!!!!
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Doug pick'n and a grinn'n

We filled a five gallon bucket 3/4's full with the shells. That's alot of crab. "I can't believe we ate the whole thing"

My new hat. Stephanie says "not"

Happy boys after a crab feast
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