Thursday, July 9, 2009


Patti, my daughter called tonight and told us she got engaged today. I am so happy for her and Pete. I can only hope that they can be as happy with each other as Stephanie and I are.
Congratulations to both of you and good luck

From quiet to crazy

After leaving the quiet Waccamaw, it was off to Myrtle Beach. Talk about a drastic change of scenery. We arrived at Barefoot Landing Marina early afternoon, found a bar for a cold one, did some stores, (the tourist thing) ate appetizers for an early dinner, had a few more cold ones, ate some more appetizers, shot some pool, stopped off for some ice cream, and walked Barefoot Landing and people watched. Tourists wear the funniest things when they are on vacation. I guess they probably think I look funny with my new hat and beads from the Exumas. Talk about from one extreme to the next. It's great! That's what our explorations on September Song are all about. See what the next stop has to offer. We love it!

September Song (living life) out

attack of the wave runners on our way to Myrtle Beach

Golfers crossing the ICW in Myrtle Beach

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This bar had thirty-some beers on tap. NO! We didn't try them all.

Pool anyone

The girls won two out of three, so Doug and I gave them another chance.

Tammy gives the pool shark (AKA Stephanie) thumbs up
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Now that's a purple house! Even the rocks are purple.

Key West Crazy's, one of Doug and Tammy's favorite bars from last fall's trip South. They walked two miles each way, twice, to go there.

One of the last surviving pontoon bridges. It only opens on the hour. What a pain! If you look close you will see the bridge being built to replace it.

The pontoon bridge tender waving us through. You have to wait for the cable to drop to the bottom before going through.
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Wild goats along the ICW

Shrimp boats in port
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The Waccamaw River in all its glory

The Waccamaw River winds its way through South Carolina and is always one of the special parts of our trip up and down the coast. It winds its way for miles and all you see is unspoiled nature. The pictures don't do it justice, but I tried. (we only took 175) We arrived at our anchorage Tuesday mid day and promptly put Half Note in the water for a little taste of what we were going to see on Wednesday and take the girls to the beach for a little play time. Wednesday morning we left early on Half Note to explore because that is the best time to see all the wildlife. We were not disappointed! As we traveled the river we found many larger creeks and a number of hidden creeks that you had to look for the entrance, but once we found them, they were beautiful and full of wildlife. What a great experience exploring the Waccamaw.
September Song (be sure to turn up your volume on the videos) out

The osprey were everywhere

#40 is home to this one

They also love to build their nests in the tops of dead cypress trees
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Most of the area is a National Wildlife Refuge

Hundreds of wood duck nesting houses along the waterway and in the creeks

If we saw one osprey, we saw dozens. This is their nesting season. See the chicks in the nest

Most of the channel marks have nests on them
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The dog gone good beach next to where we were anchored in Thoroughfare Creek off the Waccamaw

Flowers blooming along the shores

Entering another hidden creek

And another
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Did you see that gator?

Turn up your volume and listen to nature

Exploring hidden creeks in Half Note on the Waccamaw

No, it's not plastic

Entrance to one of the hidden creeks

Where are the slow children playing???

It's not a no wake zone, but this sign will slow you down so you can get a better look. You can't see them in the picture, but there are tops hanging on all the rails.
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Monday, July 6, 2009

Another special 4th of July

The 4th of July was great. Doug and Tammy joined us on September Song for cocktails on the front deck. Tammy brought her delicious bacon wrapped pineapple and water chestnuts. YUM! After cocktails we dined on the fly bridge on wild salmon, fresh asparagus, and sliced sweet potato's all done on the grill. After dinner we headed to the front deck for the fire works show and Tammy's home made coconut cookies. What a great evening. I would have posted pictures of all the food, but I didn't want you to drool all over your keyboard. We do eat well cruising. It's a good thing we get lot's of exercise!
Sunday morning we got out Bee and Bop (our bikes) and rode around the streets of Georgetown looking at all the beautiful historic homes. There are so many beautiful live oak lined streets and historic homes to see that it took us most of the morning. (I had bike Butt) That afternoon we met at Buzz's Roost (one of the funky bars on the river walk) for four hours of non stop music and entertainment by Bill Krauss. He didn't take a break the whole four hours. He was great. Bill will be in Key West while we are there this winter, so we will catch him again at Irish Kevin's. Oh! Did I mention when he left Buzz's he was headed for another four hour set at buzz's Roost in Litchfield. That's amazing!
Today we cast off the lines at 09:30 for an anchorage on one of the most beautiful rivers on our trip north, The Waccamaw River. I will take lots of pictures.

September Song (do we eat well or what?) out

The Georgetown fire works from the bow of September Song

What a grand porch on this historic home
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The Live Oak lined streets of Georgetown

All the old historic homes were all dressed for the 4th of July

Historic downtown Georgetown

Dressed for the 4th
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The board walk along the water (Harbor Walk) with stores, Restaurant's and funky bars. We like funky!

Bill Krauss entertained us for four hours non-stop at Buzz's Roost on Sunday afternoon.

I love this sign

Bill and the gang after the show
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