Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another trip to Blackbeard

Todd and Brenda, boating friends of ours, were headed south Thursday and stopped at our dock for the night. The plan was to go to Blackbeard Island with them on Friday for a three day stay. Well, the plans changed with the weather we had Friday into Saturday morning (rained 3 1/2 inches and blew big time) so we didn't depart until Saturday at 3:00 PM and just as we left the sun came out. :-) Saturday night we had gumbo (the best I have ever had) on Life's 2 Short and had a great evening. Sunday morning we were greeted by Todd with warm banana bread (Brenda loves to bake on the boat) and before lunch we all went to the beach. The shelling was great after the storm Friday night and Brenda took full advantage of it. After we returned, I used Todd's surface dive compressor, donned my dive suit, and cleaned the props. On our trip to the Island I noticed the RPM we normally run at, our speed was 1 1/2 knots lower than normal. The props were covered with little barnacles. Sunday night we all had dinner on September Song. Stephanie made wonderful BBQ and French Fries and Brenda (the baker) made pecan and raspberry bars. After pigging out and sharing cruising stories we played Catchphrase until 11:00. This is the first time we played it and it was a blast.We were going to stay for another day, but the weather was going to turn ugly with winds 25 knots and temps in the upper 30's Monday night. We left early Monday morning while the tide was high and Todd and Brenda moved to the ranger station dock to hunker down. They loved Blackbeard so much they plan on staying a few more days. Any time we spend at Blackbeard is special even if we had to cut it short, and it was made extra, extra special with Todd and Brenda.

September Song (wishing we could have stayed longer) out

View of the Island from the creek

Life's 2 short in the creek headed for the anchorage

A bald eagle waiting for a fish to come by
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Life's 2 Short winding through Blackbeard Creek to the anchorage

Todd and Brenda shelling on the beach

Life's 2 Short anchored behind us. Notice the sand dune and the ocean and beach behind it
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