Saturday, November 26, 2011

I've been bad!

I've been a bad boy! I have been a little lax about blogging this last couple of weeks. It's not that we haven't been doing lots of fun things, but it just seems that I lose track of time, and alot of the time I forget the camera. We had a great time in Cocoa, and it was great to see Doug and Tammy while we were there. While here in Stuart we have been doing lots of boat chores, visiting some old haunts, and had a great Thanksgiving at Rosie's, Julia's sister's house, with Joe, Julia, Jay, Nancy, and Rosie's daughter and her family. Our plan is to leave Stuart Monday and put the pointy end South to the Keys. We are looking forward to returning to the Keys, our winter playground. When we get back to the Keys, you will get alot more blogs. We are excited to have plans to take September Song to Key Weird (West) again for Christmas where Doug and Tammy (Gypsies in the Palace) will join us for our second annual Key Weird Christmas with them. Maybe Santa will bring us new livers. Be careful, if you come along, you may get the Keys disease.

September Song (let's go to the keys) out

A visitor to our dock left us a gift. The white spot to its left. Other left!

Cassie and Godiva, patiently waiting for their ice cream.

Yum! Do you think they are spoiled?

A nap is always great after a long walk and ice cream.
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Rosie's granddaughter. She entertained us with a magic show and a Thanksgiving dance.

Rosie's daughter and proud mom.

A rare picture of Jay without food in his free hand.
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Julia and her sister Rosie. Two special ladies.

It was all sooo good!
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Our favorite bartender Shawnie. Wahoo's closed, but we tracked her down at Sailors Return. She loves to squeeze Joe's limes.

Thanksgiving at Rosie's. She went all out to make it special for us. 

From the look on Joe's face, he's up to something.

pulling the cork on a special bottle of wine.
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Flower for the ladies sir?


It's a long walk to the end of the Cocoa pier. Need to keep hydrated!

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Surfs up at Cocoa Beach.

Can't go to the Cocoa Pier without a stop at the Tiki Bar out at the end.

Joe, are you on the wagon?

Pier Bums.
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Julia, trying out one of her new fins.

Nice flipper Julia!

Joe, it's only cardboard.

Practicing for the air show in Cocoa.
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