Saturday, May 28, 2011

First is last, last is first

Confused? When I blogged I did it backwards. The first you read is the last and the last is first......Well, it's 23:00, and it would take me another hour to change it. Sorry!
Our next stop after Treasure Cay was Nippers, the most famous beach bar in the Islands. It deserves it's own blog. What a time we had there. Nippers, Nippers, Nippers! Nippers punch is real good, but the free rum floaters are dangerous.
We will be leaving Hope Town in the morning, so you may have to wait until we get into an area where we have Internet again to see the Nippers blog.

September Song (still recovering from Nippers) out

Treasure Cay Harbour

Jay, at the beach bar at Treasure Cay. Give this guy a drink, he looks real thirsty.

The beach at Treasure Cay.

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Can't pass up a chance to stop in a Bahamian Bakery. I'll take one of each!

Excited Mom, waiting for the kids.

Well, after a few hour delay and a one hundred dollar taxi ride from Marsh Harbour (long story) the kids (Jesse and Brittany, our adopted children) are here.

First things first.
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The beach at Bakers Bay.

Cassie, doing what she loves to do at the beach. Hunt fish.

Godiva, doing what she loves to do at the beach. Chase the ball.

Godiva's second best thing to do at the beach. Roll in the sand.
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When we arrived at the anchorage off Bakers Bay, we saw Steffie Ann, another DeFever member who we saw last at the DeFever Rendezvous in Sarasota. Mike and Steffy invited all eight of us over for a spaghetti dinner. A great dinner and a great time. Thanks Mike and Steffy.

The sun melting into The Sea of Abaco.
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Can't get lost here!

one of the cute little homes on Man-O-War.

The trees are in full bloom in the Islands.
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These beautiful wooden sailboats are hand made here in Man-O-War.

View of the waterfront at Man-O-War

This is someone's home. If you look close, you can see kids swimming in front.
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Joe and Salty were going to start their trip back to the US the next day and then drive back to New York to be with Julia, who flew back to be with her mother. We all got together on the beach to be with Joe before his trip back. Update. Julia's mother passed away at 3:00PM on May 25th. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Julia.

Nice star fish Joe!

Joe and Salty headed back to Sea Pearl to get ready to head out in the morning. Safe travels. Joe. We will miss you!

Another beautiful sunset in paradise.
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When a dock hand pulled Serendipity to close to the dock, one of the blades on the wind generator hit the gas sign and broke off a part of the blade. OOPS! We decided September Song's upper deck was at the right level to reach it, remove it, and put it back together with epoxy. That's Serendipity rafted to September Song.

Repair complete by Bob and Jay McGuiver.
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I don't think she wanted me to take her picture.

Pam and Stephanie on another beautiful beach in Paradise.

Rusty has a cold, so he had to put on the quarantine flag.

Fish tacos, pudding shooters, jello shooters, and fun on September Song's fly bridge.
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They grow 'em big in the Islands. This one is for you. Therese (AKA the stone crab queen). Melt the butter, it's time for diner.

You have to have it when you find it in the Islands.

Fresh conch salad stand.
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Snappas. Walking distance from the Marina. That's a good thing!

Not many people would give up the cherry out of their goombay smash.

Cocktail hour poolside...And in the pool, at Harbour View, Marsh Harbour.
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Replaced pictures

We are leaving Treasure Cay in about thirty minutes headed for NIPPERS on Great Guiana Cay.
I replaced the pictures on the last blog that were missing. Check them out.
I will try to find time to blog at one of our next stops if we have Internet.
The GYPSIES are coming, the GYPSIES are coming! We will be picking up Doug and Tammy at Marsh Harbour on the 4th of June. YIPPEE! Now the real party will begin.

September Song (I will, I will!) out