Saturday, December 27, 2008

Good morning from Vaca Key, City of Marathon

Good news! The camera started working again. Must have dried out after its night on Half Note.
We arrived at Vaca Key, City of Marathon yesterday afternoon which will be our base for the next month. Great marina, well protected, and close to everything. West Marine, Home Depot, Publix, and 40 some restaurants all within bike distance. The bus to Key West runs every hour and it is only a buck one way. I am sure we will be taking advantage of that a few times. At 09:00 each day they have what is called Cruisers Net on channel 68 on the VHF radio. He asks for new arrivals, (we gave them our names and boat name) events scheduled for the day and up and coming events, People looking for buddy boats for those headed for the Bahamas, weather report, buy sell trade and free to a good home, etc, etc, etc.
Today's weather is going to be in the low 80's and beautiful, so I think it is time to get out Bee and Bop (the fold up bikes) and check out the area.
I talked with my sister- in-law Rena this week (Ron was rolly bowly bowling, a Belgian game) and she told me about some of the family that were going to be in Florida, including them, over the next couple of months. I hope we can connect, it would be great to see them.
Time to get the bikes out. Don't want to waste a beautiful day.

September Song(peddling my ### around town) out

This was our sunset in our anchorage Christmas evening

September Song in her slip at Marathon Marina

Our view from the front deck of Seven Mile Bridge
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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Exploring on Christmas day

The camera is taking pictures but I can't use the view finder. I just point in the general direction and shoot.
We took Half Note out to the Mangrove Islands and tunnels. It was a good thing we have the new GPS or we would still be out there looking for a way out. The mangrove tunnels are way cool. In some of the areas they go on for a quarter mile or so with the mangroves covering the narrow but deep channel completely. We saw (and Cassie our fisherdog saw) tons of mullet, a small shark, perch, sea trout, and several other species I don't know the name of. After exploring we took the girls to a beach off one of the island to play in the water. Cassie was going nuts, she just knew some of the fish she saw in the channels between the islands were there waiting for her to catch them.
What a way to spend Christmas day! Sun shining, temps in the low 80's, light breezes, lots of places to explore on the water, play time on the beach, and Stephanie is on the back deck trying her hand at fishing. I guess I should go back and show her how, the great white fisherman I am. HA HA
OOPS, Stephanie just called me. She has one on. Gotta run!

September Song (loving life) out

Mangrove tunnels

Mangrove Island

Winding our way through the Mangrove Islands

Lots of wild life on these islands
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The new GPS on half Note. without it we would get lost exploring

Cassie and Godiva playing on Christmas day

As usual, Cassies favorite past time, hunting fish

September Song at anchor
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Christmas morning on September Song

It is a quiet morning in our anchorage. What a wonderful place to spend Christmas. It is a time for us on September Song to remember all those we love and what there morning brings. Rising early, checking to see what Santa has left under the tree, opening packages, Christmas breakfast, celebrating all those traditions we have formed over the years and creating new ones, and enjoying the day they have been looking forward to for weeks. We miss you all this day, but just know we are thinking of you.

September Song (Merry Christmas to all) out
merry christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve on the water

First of all I have to apologize for only one picture. My camera is not working. I changed out the batteries, but no luck. You will have to wait till we get to Marathon Friday and have it checked out or get a new one. (I hate that when that happens)
Today we moved to a new anchorage that has a beach for the girls to play on. (OK, us too) Tonight we are going to celebrate Christmas Eve with a soft shell crab dinner. (YUM) Cassie and Godiva wanted to know if Santa will be able to find us? I assured them that I will leave the anchor light on so he can see us.
The anchorage we are at is just off shore of Lignumvitae (lignumvity) Key. Lignumvitae is Latin for Tree of Life. The Lignumvitae tree is a hard wood tree that was used for ship building many years ago. It is protected now, and this is one of only a few Keys it is found. Christmas day we are going exploring around some of the small uninhabited Keys and grill steaks for dinner on the fly bridge.

From the four of us to all of you, Merry Christmas,
September Song (Christmas afloat) out
Bob and Stephanie
Godiva and Cassie

Are paws OK Dad?
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Monday, December 22, 2008

Someone (?) left the camera on Half Note last night.  So no pictures today. Hope it doesn't blow away...

Cold front

Today the cold front that has had a grip on most of the US hit us here in the Keys. The high today was only 77 degrees. Tuesday and Wednesday's highs will be in the mid 70's with temps returning to the low 80's for Christmas. It isn't all good. We are on a mooring ball off Shell Key with winds 15 to 20 with gusts to 25. Because of the wind we didn't take any trips or do any exploring today. We decided it was time, and a good time, to clean September Song. She is so happy when she gets a good cleaning. (inside only) Poor Half Note is bouncing around like a cork in the waves behind the mother ship. September Song weighs 47 tons so the waves don't affect her as much as our poor little tender that weighs in at around 600 pounds. We will stay here through Christmas and leave Friday for Marathon.

September Song (hoping for calmer winds) out