Thursday, August 21, 2008

C&D and Sassafras

Sorry, the first set didn't post

Pica has taken up his position (notice the sweat shirt AM in the 50's)

View of our anchorage on the Sassafras river

Another view

Row row row your boat
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Bear DE and Sassafras River

Wednesday we traveled from Chesapeake City MD up the C&D Canal (the busiest canal in the world) to Bear DE our farthest point north before turning the bow south. Still tons to explore on the way back to Georgia, 500 miles south from here. The marina at Bear DE was huge, about 500 slips, up a beautiful creek between the hills. Reminded me of a hollow in NC with steep hills on three sides covered with trees. It was one of the largest, but the quietest marinas we have been in. They have a traffic light at the exit to the C&D to let you know if ships are approaching. Nothing around to explore so it was a good day (cool) to finely take some time and wash the boat. She is happy when she is clean. Today we traveled back down the C&D Canal to the Sassafras River to our anchorage where we will spend the next two days. As you can see from the pictures it is another great anchorage with a dog gone good beach and lots to explore. See you tomorrow on the Sassafras (fresh water) River.

September song out

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sad goodbyes

Tuesday we explored the town, had lunch in a little local cafe, and had our last dinner with Steve and Diane at the Yacht club. They are going on to Cape May and then on to New York where they will leave their boat and take a two week cruise to Italy. We have had so much fun with them and will have great memories and stories of our cruising together. Steve and Diane are good friends and great cruising buddies and we will miss them. When they come south they will stop by our dock in Georgia for a few days and we will hook up with them again when we go to Florida.
Today we will travel north to Summit North Marina DE, spend the night, and then start working our way south. The temp this morning was in the 50's and the butter was hard, so I guess it is time to point the bow south. Butter is our weather gauge. When it gets too soft we head north, and when it gets hard, we head south.

September Song (sad goodbyes and happy memories) out

Streets of Chesapeake City

Try the stairs next time

Posted by PicasaFarewell dinner

Bath time at the dock

I smell much better
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Crabs, crabs, crabs

Monday night we went to the Tap Room for a battle with the crabs. The crabs were huge and the best we have had yet. The score ended up 4 to one. WE WON!

Not much to look at but great seafood

Let the battle begin

So good
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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Last look at Baltimore

We walked up Federal Hill and took our last look at Baltimore. The lights were beautiful and the moon was full. Baltimore was a great city to explore, made extra special with the girls visit.

September Song (with more places to explore) out

The lights of Baltimore

Full moon over the city
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Havre De Grace MD

We arrived in Havre De Grace mid afternoon and met up with Steve and Diane again. A folk festival was in progress (no, not another farmers market) so we made our way through the booths of all the local craftsman and then walked over to the Duck Decoy Museum. Havre De Grace is the decoy carving capitol of the world. The Susquehanna River is the major source of fresh water for the Chesapeake Bay and a major stop for ducks, geese, and swans as they migrate. The swans travel 7,000 miles one way. I don't know when they have time to eat and nest but I guess it all works. The docks here are not the best, lots of weeds, shallow water and you needed a ladder to get on and off the boat so we left the next morning for Chesapeake City.

September Song out

No, not another Farmers Market

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Escaped from Georgia

Marsie asked if we would post a picture of us. I guess we have been gone so long she forgot what we looked like

View of the sunrise from our aft deck before we left for Chesapeake City

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Chesapeake City bound

The trip to Chesapeake city from Havre De Grace was beautiful as always and the tide was with us in the canal so we had and extra 2 knots. We arrived at Chesapeake city at around 11:30, and as luck would have it Steve and Diane moved into the only space available at the free docks. As I approached a sail boat moved out and I squeezed in. Did I mention that they are FREE. Free is good, and they are beautiful floating docks with power and right next to town. We took a ride through the town, found a funky little place that is suppose to have great crabs so we are going to help the economy of the town and get crabby tonight. After the town tour we took Bee and Bop (the bikes) out to a store that specializes in box wines and replenished our supply. We will do more of the town tomorrow, but for now we are going to rest up for the battle with the crabs.

September Song (crabby ready) out

Entering the C&D (Chesapeake and Delaware) Canal

A three hour tour, a three hour tour

Views along the C&D canal

Chesapeake City FREE docks, our home for the next two days
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