Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finally, time for you and us!

Finally, a day at anchor with nothing to do but go to the beach with the girls, throw out a couple lines and catch some crabs, and catch up on my blog. We love these lazy days, just the four of us, all alone in a beautiful anchorage, and just off a beach for the girls to play on. later, I will fire up the grill, and we will enjoy a wonderful dinner and a quiet evening. God I love this life!
I know it's been a while since I blogged, but with all the exploring, and something going on with cruising friends almost every night, it's been hard to find time to do my blog.
I know there are lots of things we have seen and done over the last how ever many days since I've last blogged, but sometimes I forget (I am 62 after all) to bring the camera, and sometimes when I do, we are having such a good time, I forget to take pictures. Where are you when I need you Tammy?
I hope you enjoy catching up with us, and I promise I will do better in the future.

September Song (enjoying a Captain and Coke and catching crabs) out

We got to ride the underground train from the Congressional offices to the Capitol building because we had a private tour. compliments of Stephen and Pam's Senator. I don't think Stephen was sure about this, but after we got going, he thought it was a blast.

Congressional offices.

The old Supreme Court.

Looking up at the dome of the Capitol.
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The antenna from the top of the World Trade Center.

A section of the Berlin Wall at the Newseum.

This is the compass rose that is in the floor in the center of the rotunda at the Capitol. This is the spot where you see many past presidents lie in state. 

The hall in the center of the picture is where the President walked through to enter the Congressional chambers to give his speech on his jobs bill that night. Posted by Picasa

The Eastern Market is a hike on our bicycles, but well worth the ride. The hard part is lugging all the stuff we bought back to the boat.

How do you tell a male egg plant from a female one? You tell me.
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Alll this exploring makes a person real thirsty. Real thirsty!

Found this great Irish Pub. What fun! Real thirsty!

Because we were there on 9/11, security was everywhere. 

The presidential helicopter with the President waving, thanking us for coming, and safe travel. Well, it could have been!
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Coming down the Potomac, the debris from the floods was incredible. Lines of logs and junk went on for miles. It wasn't a case of dodging the logs, it was which ones were small enough to run over.

Crab pots were all over the place and we couldn't tell them from the debris. We only picked up one, and our line cutters did their job. When we arrived at Olverson's Marina, I dove September Song, pulled off the line still on the shaft from the crab pot, and removed all the debris from the stabilizers. What a mess the floods made in the rivers.

Cassie and her new little buddy.
Bill and Ana have a little dachshund. Bill casts out a wooden lure, the dog swims out and grabs it, and Bill reels her in. Too funny! It's little legs go one hundred miles an hour to stay afloat.
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After we left Washington and were plowing our way down the Potomac, we heard Knot Tide Down (Bill and Ana) on the radio. They're a couple we know through Todd and Brenda. (Lifes2Short) We knew they were in the area and had been trying to get together with them. They were going to anchor close to Ricks Bar where they were meeting another couple. Fun bar...count us in. We anchored together and took the dogs to the beach for some play time. We discovered that Ricks was closed that night, but not to worry, Tim's was open, and it was just a short tender ride from our anchorage. We had a great time at Tim's with Bill, Ana, their friends, and another couple from Germany visiting with Bill and Ana's friends. The original plan was to have a quiet evening at anchor, but when duty calls! A late laaate night, but a fun night. Bill and Ana are great, and we will definitely  meet up again.

Godiva, with her boyfriend Dylan. Godiva loves younger men, I mean dogs. Dyna, Jeff and Karen's other yellow lab, is recovering from surgery, so she had to stay at home.
Godiva can't talk, but she knows how to respond. She's so smart! Be sure your speaker is on.
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Freddie, the owner of  the Marina, loves to treat the dogs to dog jerky. Sorry about the finger you lost Freddie! Not really, just a little skin. There was definitely a contest to see who could get theirs first.

Jeff, Karen, and Dylan on aCappella. Dyna is inside because she is still recovering from her surgery, but she is doing well. It is always great to hook up with them.

What a great surprise when Joel and Marion came into Olverson's. They are our friends from Capitol Yacht Club in Washington, DC. Joel and I went golfing one day while we were there. Joel, Marion, Jeff, and Karen all headed out Monday for the MTOA Rendezvous. Four fun days with great friends.

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