Saturday, July 4, 2009

Docked at Georgetown on the 4th

Thursday was provisioning and shopping day. Harris Teeter is just up the street from the marina in Charleston. Harris Teeter is one of our favorites, like a grocery candy store. After provisioning we hit the downtown area. Last year we had Harbor Specialties make up a September Song Yacht Club burgee (very exclusive, only one member) and it has seen it's better days, so we ordered another. Stephanie can't go to Charleston without hitting one of her favorite cooking supply store. She oooo's and aaah's but then remembers we are on a boat and don't have the huge kitchen we have at home, so she just replaces what has broken and a few things we can't live without.
Thursday afternoon we boarded the water taxi and crossed the harbor to patriot's Point where our friends Bart and Ellie have their boat Dewlap docked. What is a dewlap you say? Well it's the loose skin that hangs under a basset hounds neck. You would have to see Reggie, their Basset hound. He is one spoiled dog. We first met Bart when Steve , Diane, and Bart stopped at our home dock in Georgia for the night when they were delivering Bart's boat to Charleston. We haven't seen Bart and Ellie since the Rendezvous at Cabbage Key and Useppa last winter. Ellie met us at the dock and we headed over to their boat for some catching up, drinks, and some wonderful appetizers. Next they took us to a waterside restaurant on the Shem Creek. It was great seeing them again. See you on the waterways or when we come through this way again Bart and Ellie. Thanks for your hospitality!
Friday morning we cast off the lines at 07:00 and headed to Georgetown. It was a beautiful day on the water as most are. when we arrived, the Dock Master had us thread the needle, or should I say wiggle worm our way into our slip. When Gypsies called in, (Tammy) he asked her if she could park that boat backing up or did she just get the boat a few days ago? There went his tip out the window. Doug did a great job with what he had to do as Tammy had a hard time containing herself, because the Dock Master looks like, and is dressed like Bill Murry in Caddie Shack. (see Gypsies blog for details) After our lines were secure, Stephanie disappeared. When she returned she had our special nuts from a specialty store in town, but they didn't carry her special salt any more. We all decided we would meet in town latter to explore the shops. After Stephanie and I hit a few, we decided to look for Doug and Tammy. Stephanie saw this funky waterside bar that advertised happy hour. Her bet was they were inside. She was right. After a cold one and a dozen oysters on the half shell, Tammy's favorite. NOT!) we headed back to the boat for a quiet evening.
Today is the 4th of July, Happy 4th everybody! The day has been spent doing a little polishing and just fooling around on the boat and the docks. "there is nothing, absolutely nothing half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats" (that sign hangs in our head) Tonight we are going to grill out on September Song (fresh wild salmon, YUM!) and then enjoy drinks on the bow of September Song, and watch the fireworks in the park a short distance down the waterway. It won't be as spectacular as last year when we watched the fireworks at the Washington Monument off our bow in Washington DC, but, I'm sure it will be a great evening .

September Song (Happy 4th) out

Sunrise over Charleston harbor

I think I see the still. Do you hear the banjos playing? Talk about a place out in the middle of nowhere

SHARK!!! Oh, just dolphin playing in our wake

If it's funky, on the water, and happy hour, we'll find it
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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Exploring Fort Sumter and Charleston

Sorry about the time crunch yesterday, but I had to get my act together before I was in trouble. I hope you enjoyed Gypsies blog. Did you pick a hat?
We started the day at the Fort Sumter Museum and worked our way through the history of Fort Sumter and some of the history of Charleston. I learned alot about the history of the Civil War, or as the South calls it, The War of Northern Aggression. After touring the museum we boarded a ferry for the 30 minute ride to the fort. I wanted to drive but no luck. The fort is noted for the first shots fired in the Civil War which marked its start. The fort has been used for many things including protecting Charleston during World War II. It always makes me think of all the things that went on and the people that were there. When I'm at sites like this I wish I could flash back and see it in real time. After our visit to the fort, we took the 30 minute ride back to Charleston. After a hot day we get really thirsty. Let's go to church! No, not for services, but to be served a cold one at happy hour along with something to munch on in one of our favorites, the church turned into a bar and grill. After we were properly cooled down and refueled, we did a little window shopping, (that's what you call it when you don't spend any money) then walked through some of the side streets and OD'ed on the beautiful homes with their secret gardens and wonderful architecture. After our walk through the historic homes area, we walked to Waterfront Park, watched the kids playing in the fountains, Stopped for another cool down at a waterfront bar, and then it was time for ICE CREAM. Great day and a great finish.
Time to head off to the shower and get ready to do more exploring.

September Song (Hitting the shower) out

Ships passing our marina. This one was loaded with tanks and other military vehicles

September Song in her slip at the Maritime Center

As we were leaving on the ferry for Fort Sumter the Spirit of South Carolina was returning to the dock after giving a group of young kids a cruise I'm sure they will remember. That's September Song in the background in the slip next to the Spirit. Gives you an idea of how large the Spirit is
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Entering the Fort Sumter Museum before our ferry ride to the site

Fort Sumter standing guard at the entrance to Charleston harbor

The holes in the walls are where the big guns were fired from. Some of the cannon balls weighed 400 pounds. That would put a hole in your boat
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Inside the walls of Fort Sumter

Biiig cannons

Fort Sumter is where the first shots were fired April 12th, 1861 which marked the start of the Civil War
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Beautiful fountain in Waterfront Park

Another fountain in the park. Notice the kids cooling off in the fountain. We were tempted!

Great way to finish a hot day, ice cream!
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's time for you to catch up to us

We last left you at the bar at Tubby's. We left Thunderbolt Saturday morning and headed for Beaufort, SC. We spent the afternoon and evening there and left Sunday for an anchorage half way to Charleston where we did a little chilling, exploring, and a dog gone good beach for Cassie and Godiva for a couple of days. We headed to Charleston on Tuesday morning which was a much cooler day with lower humidity and it was a gorgeous run. We are here at the Charleston Maritime Center which will be our base for the next couple of days. Last night was great fun. I don't have time to tell you all about it because we are going exploring and Gypsies will be here in 15 minutes. (I have been blogging all morning and time run out) I am sure Gypsies in the Palace have blogged all about it including my hat hunt. Check it out on their blog. You can click on their site on our home page on the right under favorite blogs and then click on their blog. If the missed any of the details I will fill in the blanks later.

September Song (ran out of time and going exploring) out

Tubby's Tank House, Thunderbolt, GA

Celebrating September Song's Splash at Tubby's
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Parris Island Marine training camp in Beaufort, SC

Regatta going on as we enter Beaufort. Dozens of the little guys, IN OUR WAY!!!!!

We were able to get through without running over anyone, but Gypsies came real close a couple of times. After yelling at one that turned and stopped in front of them, the sailor answered "but I'm still racing". Their answer was, "you won't win the race if we run you over" You don't want to stop in front of 30 some tons coming at you

Our trip to Beaufort was on Saturday, so it was a little crowded on the ICW. That's Gypsies in the front of the pack with five boats ready to pass.
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At the Beaufort City Marina all dressed up and ready to do the town. Looks like we are dressed for the Bahamas. Ya, we do miss it

A wedding was going on in the park while we were there. "You may kiss the bride, your stuck with him now honey"

Jello shots anyone? If you want to hurt yourself, have a few of these. No, we didn't hurt ourselves, but Tammy and I did have a couple to try.

A thorn between two roses. Sorry Doug
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"Dog gone good beach Dad!" Cassie and Godiva haven't been in the water since we were in the Bahamas, except when Cassie laid in a mud puddle to cool off while we were at home, and they were loving it

There's a dog somewhere in the middle of that splash
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In the marsh creeks. "can we chase the birds Dad?"

Cassie and Godiva are the look-outs. Look out Dad!!

Horseshoe crab on the beach. Ugaalee! Stephanie says they are related to the roach family

September Song and Gypsies at anchor
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Cassie, always looking for fish

The two kids (Tammy and Godiva) playing fetch at the beach

Exploring the marshlands near our anchorage on the Tom Point Creek

Up close and personal. I think it's time to turn around
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Wild life along the ICW

This is what happens when you get to close to a sand (mud) bar. It will be floating again at high tide

Where do you suppose the hull to this boat went?
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